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The 5000 Year Leap Paperback Book + Audio MP3 + Patriot's Handbook 3 CD Set

The 5000 Year Leap Paperback Book + Audio MP3 + Patriot's Handbook 3 CD Set
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5000 Year Leap
The industrial revolution thrust mankind ahead 5,000 years! For most of the earth's history, man has lived basically under the same primitive conditions. Suddenly, in an element of free enterprise, advancements were made that drastically changed man from the farmer to the space explorer. But there was hardly a single idea that the American Founding Fathers put into their plan that hadn't been thought of before. When the Constitution was being written, none of those ideas were really being practiced anywhere in the world. It was in America that true freedom was born, based on 28 principles endorsed by the Founding Fathers. These principles and their influence on the world caused a great forward leap in technology. These were ideas such as 1) the proper role of government is to protect equal rights not to provide equal things and 2) a free people will not survive unless they stay strong. This inspiring book contains a chapter discussion on each of the 28 principles of freedom. Paperback book, 337 pages, plus Audiobook in MP3 format.  It works on all MP3 CD players and on computer CD drives.

A Patriot's Handbook
Oh my—this is great! A full unabridged audio compilation of American songs, poems, stories, speeches, and other source documents tell the story of America and the story of freedom! Many of the recordings are the original recording of the the author himself, such as Robert Frost, John F. Kennedy, Neil Armstrong, Ronald Reagan and others! Listen to Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, followed by Ronald Reagan's "Farewell Address," and the letters between John and Abigail Adams. A fabulous audio-sourcebook for students of American history of all ages. Includes 3 audio CDs for a total of three and a half hours of listening and learning. I know you'll agree this unique collection is a treasure. A great bargain!

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