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Am I Dead?... Or Do I Just Feel Like It

Am I Dead?... Or Do I Just Feel Like It
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Am I Dead? . . . or Do I Just Feel Like It

Millions of dollars are spent each year for dentists to do root canals on dead or dying teeth. Dr. Weston Price believed, researched, proved and published that these dental procedures are not able to seal off the dental tubules in the dead tooth. Bacteria are able to grow and thrive inside these tubules. Bacteria produce toxic waste by-products as they grow and reproduce. A root canalled tooth is dead and therefore no longer has a blood supply, so the body is unable to get any of its immune fighting cells into the area to kill the bacteria. These untouchable bacteria pockets thrive and produce toxins in the body, unnoticed, for years or even decades. The toxic substance they produce however, can cause neurological conditions, pain, illness, or depress immune function enough that the body may develop cancer.

The photographs in this book are amazing! The true stories of healing are remarkable! I have personally met and interviewed people whose lives has been saved by the information in this unique book. A fascinating—and possibly life-saving—read for those who value their health.

Paperback, 326 pages.
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