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K-6 Fine Arts Pack

K-6 Fine Arts Pack
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Here's my favorite books for teaching art to your whole family (ages 5-12 years) all at the same time, unit-study fashion. Teaches drawing, crafts, appreciaton of the great artists, and hands-on application of their styles for a memorable experience! Basic equipment for teaching art in homeschool!

Drawing Textbook
The concept taught in this book is incredible! Everyone, not just the artistic, can learn to draw realistically just as everyone can learn to read or write. 222 lessons clearly and simply teach hands-on such principles as alignment, perspective, foreshortening, shading, etc. You and your children can master the skill of drawing just like you learned to read—through simple lessons teaching basic skills and practice. I draw the lesson (such as a box in 3-D) step-by-step on a paper or chalkboard and have the children draw along with me on their papers. You will see unbelievable improvement in just a few lessons! Paperback, black-and-white drawings, 60 pages.

How to Use Child-Size Masterpieces for Art Appreciation
This teacher/parent guidebook will help you teach hands-on art appreciation at every level, using inexpensive color postcards. The program is unique in that you can know absolutely nothing about art and learn right along with your children. Being able to handle the masterpieces is a far cry from the hands-off feeling of museums. This book will take you through the basic steps of developing art appreciation, beginning with preschoolers and advancing through high school skills:
Step 1-Match identical paintings (purchase 2 identical volumes of postcards below).
Step 2-Pair two similar paintings by the same artist.
Step 3-Be able to recognize and group four paintings by several artists.
Step 4-Learn the names of famous artists.
Step 5-Learn the names of famous paintings.
Step 6-Learn the movements or "schools" of art: Impressionism, Modern, etc.
Step 7-Learn to sort paintings by schools of art.
Step 8-Place paintings on a time line.
Paperback, 95 pages, black-and-white illustrations. Child-size Masterpiece Cards sold separately here.

Scribble Art
This excellent collection of over 200 creative art experiences for children is my first choice for my homeschool and will keep you going on art projects in every medium for at least a whole year. Chapters include: Paper & Collage, Crayon & Chalk, Paint & Dye, Printing, Sculpting & Modeling, and Craft & Construction with more than 20 different projects in each chapter. I've found this book to be the one best source of all kinds of interesting creative projects such as: veggie prints, newspaper sculpture, bead clay, marbling, wire sculpture, puppetry, treasure box, branch weaving, goop, bubble print, puff paint and much more. You'll find enough imaginative help to easily take you through a year of creative art instruction. I personally prefer this approach to art, rather than the "cut-and-color-from-a-copy" approach. Paperback, black and white pleasing illustrations, 158 pages. Highly recommended for all ages.

Discovering Great Artists
I can't imagine a better way to really learn about the great artists than to try out their styles and methods! This ingenious book introduces 110 unique art activities to lead your child into experiencing the techniques of the great masters, from the Renaissance to the present. A brief biography of each artist is followed by a fully illustrated encounter with sculpting, drawing, architecture and more. What could be more memorable after learning about Michelangelo than to try painting while lying on your back, Sistine-chapel-style? These art appreciation lessons will not be soon forgotten! Geared for children ages 4-12. Paperback, 160 pages, black-and-white illustrations.
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