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Subject: toys! Toys! TOYS! Up to 90% OFF
Date: November 21, 2017

SUPER SALE! Up to 90% OFF!


We've got TOYS...lots of great educational, creative, learning TOYS at super discount! Come shop locally in our bookstore and enjoy amazing savings! At these prices, they'll go fast.

Our LOWEST PRICES EVER sale prices are good only in our store or pick-up. We are so, so happy to serve you in our local store. Please bring your kids to shop for their siblings and cousins. Scroll to the bottom to see just a few of our big selection of fun toys, there are a lot for under $1!

Wishing you the coziest holiday!

My daughter Emily and I

Thanks for shopping local! We appreciate you!
Diane & The Hopkins Family

P.S. As a "thank you", let us treat you to a FREE stocking stuffer with any purchase*!

Choose from:

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Shop at our store now, while supplies last!

Hours: Mon-Friday, 9:30 to 5:30

Snowflake Window Clings  50% Off

Vinyl snowflake window clings include 69 reusable pieces in assorted shapes and sizes. They stick to and peel from smooth surfaces easily. Very festive in windows! Sizes up to 3" snowflakes.

Retail Price $4.00 Our Price $1.99

Big Dinosaur Play Figures   50% Off

Large 7" plastic dinosaur play figures, set of 12.

Retail Price $12.00 Our Price $5.99

Glitter Locker Safe Bank  50% Off

Store your valuables in your very own locker with key and combination lock. Inside you'll find a special slide out box to hold coins and small valuables. Each locker safe comes with its own unique combination. Locker door is glittery! Assorted "girl" colors, 10" tall.

Retail Price $12.00 Our Price $6.88

Shaving in the Tub  44% Off

Ready for some good clean fun' This pretend-play shaving kit is loaded with all the accessories your youngster needs to be just like Dad. Your child can give himself a squeaky clean "shave" while he bathes! Kit comes with Rub a Dub foaming body soap, shaver, lather brush, comb and mirror.

Retail Price $12.50 Our Price $8.88

Thinking Putty: Amethyst Blush Hypercolor  36% Off

Grab some stress relieving, hand-exercising, mind-expanding, totally fun and addicting Thinking Putty! Kids love it! Adults do too! non-toxic, non-gooey Thinking Putty will bounce, stretch, tear, drip, snap, even shatter. Silicone-based, never dries out. Large 4" tin, hypercolors.

Retail Price $11.00 Our Price $8.88

Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar  45% Off

This beautifully crafted cloth Advent calendar comes with stuffed cloth figures that are tucked inside the embroidered numbered pockets. Each day in December, discover the day's figure and add it to the nativity scene (velcro-backed). Pieces can be placed anywhere on the background so the scene can be arranged new every year. Each piece is detailed with fabrics of different colors and embroidery features. Large wall hung calendar is 25" tall by 16" wide with a wooden dowel to hang by. Excellent quality! An investment in a wonderful annual tradition!

Retail Price $39.99 Our Price $24.88

Sprinkles Porcelain Tea Set in Wicker Basket  44% Off

Perky lime green and pink polka dots and stripes set a pretty tea time table for a little girl and her friend or doll. Set includes a real pouring porcelain tea pot (3"), cream and sugar (or honey) dishes, 2 teacups, 2 saucers, 2 treat plates, 2 tiny metal forks and 2 spoons. Dishwasher safe. Packed in a wicker basket with lime green polka dot cloth lining. Charming!

Retail Price $35.50 Our Price $19.99

Black Chia, Organically Grown, Non-GMO   55% Off

Here comes a superfood! Chia seeds are remarkable for their high nutritional levels and energy-enhancing effect on the body. If you could take just one cup of food for a few days, choose chia. The food value per volume is simply astounding! You don't need much. Chia seeds have a very mild taste, making it easy to add to foods. The seeds can be used to replace less-healthy fat in just about any recipe. You can use them uncooked in salad dressings, spreads, fruit shakes, ice cream, and just about anything you want. You can also add them to cookies, cakes, muffins, and other baked goods. Chia seeds lead to weight loss—they are so filling that you will eat less of other foods. In addition, they bulk up and cleanse your body. Chia seed is eaten raw, ground into flour for baking, soaked in water or juice to yield "chia fresca" to thicken puddings and sauces, and is used to produce sprouts for salads, sandwiches and omelets, much like alfalfa sprouts. Take a tablespoon and put it in your water bottle, shake and drink—it will keep you well hydrated on a hike. I put it in my water glass every morning. Doesn't taste. Non-GMO. Organically grown. Try this!

Retail Price $19.99 Our Price $8.99

 Targets for Zing Bows 38% Off

Have you seen those great Zing bows at Costco? Here's the matching target! Choose red or blue/green.

Retail Price $15.99 Our Price $9.99
#13267, 13447

Encyclopedia of Country Living   43% Off

Everything (and I mean everything) you ever could imagine wanting to know to live self-sufficiently is jammed into almost 900 large pages. This is the book I turn to for recipes, how-to advice, and information on every aspect of doing things yourself. Better than an "old-timer" for help and instructions! Chapters include:
1. Oddments: move to the country, buy land, live self-sufficiently and simply, quilting, cook on a woodstove, start a beehive, make soap.
2. Plants: vegetables from garden to table, saving seeds, improving the soil, raising earthworms, growing mushrooms.
3. Herbs and Spices: cultivate, dry, freeze, store; make cosmetics, forage for wild food. 4. Grains: grow, thresh, winnow, grind all grains. Dry corn. Make pasta. Make your own "grapenuts"! Hundreds of recipes.
5. The Orchard: prune a tree, raise nuts and fruits, press apple cider.
6. Make Foods Last: sun-drying, root cellar, make vinegar.
7. Animals: buy, house, feed, doctor, butcher, breed.
8. Poultry: raise chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks. Pluck and cook.
Paperback, 858 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" format. Very practical, very popular and recommended highly!

Retail Price $29.95 Our Price $16.99

A Patriot's Handbook  92% Off

Oh my—this is great! A full unabridged audio compilation of American songs, poems, stories, speeches, and other source documents tell the story of America and the story of freedom! Many of the recordings are the original recording of the the author himself, such as Robert Frost, John F. Kennedy, Neil Armstrong, Ronald Reagan and others! Listen to Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, followed by Ronald Reagan's "Farewell Address," and the letters between John and Abigail Adams. A fabulous audio-sourcebook for students of American history of all ages. Includes 3 audio CDs for a total of three and a half hours of listening and learning. I know you'll agree this unique collection is a treasure. A great bargain!

Retail Price $24.98 Our Price $1.99

Rattle Oball  56% Off

My favorite baby toy! Baby can easily grasp this ball with its many open holes. Fun rattle sounds too! 4.5" in diameter and full of 32 finger holes, make it simple to hold. Springy and flexible! Kick it, hit it, run over it with a car, and it still bounces right back into a perfect sphere! —Fun to teeth on too! Orange or green.

Retail Price $9.00 Our Price $4.88

Super Marble Run Vortis  50% Off

There is a thrill in constructing a workable race course! 213 piece plastic set includes 3 vortex spirals, double entrance funnels, long bridges, spiral track, straight and curved rails, sturdy base pieces and spinning wheels to build an exciting double track race course for marbles to careen down! There are enough pieces to build a spectacular structure taller than your kids. The pieces can be combined in an infinite variety of ways for long-lasting appeal. Marbles included, too! Ages 8 and up.

Retail Price $70.00 Our Price $35.88

Take-A-Part 4X4   47% Off

Build--and rebuild--this sturdy 4x4 vehicle with 21 sturdy plastic parts. Use the safe power screwdriver with 3 different bits to screw this monster together! (Uses double AA batteries) 11" long. Exciting construction fun for ages 3 and up.

Retail Price $30.00 Our Price $18.88

Glow In the Dark Stars  50% Off

My kids have enjoyed these bright glowing stars on their ceiling during their growing up years. One minute of light exposure "recharges" their glow capacity, and when it is "lights out", these stars will continue to glow quite long enough for you to far asleep, slowly fading out until the next light exposure. Comes with reusable adhesive putty (non-damaging) so you can stick the stars on the ceiling (wall, or wherever you want them!) Lasts a lifetime. Contains 60 (3/4") stars, enough to decorate a big ceiling!

Retail Price $5.00 Our Price $2.88

Soft, Squeezable Blocks for Little Ones  50% Off

Stack them, squeeze them, squeak them, teethe on them, float them in the tub! These soft 2" square squeezy blocks are ideal for little ones! Block surfaces offer a 3D sculptured image of friendly animals and numbers on every side. Storage bag included. Ages 6 months to 3 years.

Retail Price $20.00 Our Price $9.99

Iridescent Fairy Jewelry Box  48% Off

Open the lid of this shimmering iridescent fairy jewelry box and a sweet ballerina twirls before the mirror to the tune of Swan Lake. Wind-up.

Retail Price $19.00 Our Price $9.99

Fairytale Princess Music Box  50% Off

Horse and princesses, purple and pink...sure to enchant your little girl! This Fairy Tale Princess jewelry box has 4 drawers for special treasures. Open the lid to see a pretty little princess whirling to the song "Sleeping Beauty." Lid has a mirror inside.

Retail Price $30.00 Our Price $14.99

Nail Style Studio  25% Off

Doin' nails: what fun! A gorgeous pallet of practice polish in 6 colors (orange, silver, pink, blue, white, black) lets you try a design, peel it off, and try again. Create exciting, unique designs with the special dotting tool which makes tiny perfect dots. Stick on, paint over, dry-and-remove stencils (250 of them!) define crisp geometric shapes. Comes with a lavishly photo illustrated 60 page spiral-bound how-to book providing simple step-by-step instructions to create impressive nail art! Though the designs look intricate, the special tool make them practically foolproof. Fantastic art and beauty fun for ages 10 and up.

Retail Price $24.99 Our Price $18.88

Loop Loom Bracelets  55% Off

Here's the next-generation version of a super-hot craft in an all-new, way-too-cool rainbow of colors. Our exclusive one-handed loom makes bracelets from continuous lengths of brightly-colored stretchy cord so there's no chance of a rubber band breaking and the whole bracelet unraveling. Frustration-free results every time! Our kid-tested instructions teach a basic looping technique that's easy to set up and simple to follow. With 11 different styles to choose from, you can add beads, mix up colors, and make every bracelet uniquely your own. It's a jewelry kit you'll be loopy about. Comes with: 40 page book, Klutz-custom loop loom, crochet hook, 102 feet of elastic cord in 7 colors, cardboard workstation with removable beading trays. For ages 8+.

Retail Price $21.99 Our Price $11.88

Kendama: Fun Skill Game  50% Off

A classic toss and catch game from Japan is sweeping the nation with endless tricks to learn and master. Develop your hand/eye coordination! A "kendama" is a traditional Japanese toy that consists of a "sword" and a ball connected by a string. The handle has two cupped ends for balancing the ball, and a central spike for spearing the ball. It's amazing how many tricks can be done with this fun game of skill! Solid wood construction. 6" long.

Retail Price $12.00 Our Price $5.99

Aerobie Superdisc   50% Off

Players of all skill levels can throw the Aerobie Superdisc well and enjoy its stable, accurate flights. Its patented spoiler rim and soft rubber edge were developed when inventor Alan Adler set out to design an improved "Frisbee." Conventional flying discs have their center of aerodynamic lift near the disc's leading edge in flight. That's why they tend to roll to the right for right handed throws and to the left for left handed throws. By contrast, the Superdisc's breakthrough spoiler rim centers the disc's aerodynamic lift throughout each flight, making the Superdisc a more stable flyer for throwers of all skill levels.

The Superdisc's soft, rubber edge provides a great grip for strong throws and remains smooth to catch even after landing on pavement. Conventional discs often develop sharp scratches and burrs. Made from non-toxic materials, the Superdisc's soft edge is also kind to a dog's mouth, making it the disc of choice for many professional dog disc entertainers. Even floats in the water. Size: 10 inch diameter. Available in yellow, red, blue and green. Ages 8 and up. Quality made in the U.S.A.

Retail Price $10.00 Our Price $5.88

4M Bubble Science Kit  43% Off

Blow a giant bubble, an unbreakable bubble, a bubble film and more! Learn the science of bubbles with this ultimate bubble science kit which guarantees hours of fun. Includes recipes to mix your own a high quality homemade bubble solution. Contains bubble tray, plastic ring, colored yarn, pyramid framed wand, cube framed wand bubble solution, 2 giant bubble wand stoppers, mouthpiece, star wand, round wand, 2 clip on wand handles, 2 giant bubble wand sticks, 2 long straws, detailed instructions.

Retail Price $14.00 Our Price $8.88

Jumbo Rubber Ducky  50% Off

Float this ducky in your bathtub for exciting water fun!

Retail Price $12.00 Our Price $6.88

Ink-a-do Washable Skin Pens  40% Off

Fun skin pen set includes 6 gel pens in a variety of vibrant colors. 3 plastic stencil sheets contain a variety of designs to inspire cool new skin art. The gel pen ink is non-toxic and completely washable. Ink, wash and repeat for hours of creative fun. Recommended for ages 6 years and up.

Retail Price $5.00 Our Price $2.99

Purple Advent Wreath   61% Off

Celebrate the advent with this traditional purple ribbon advent wreath with candle holders. Add and light one candle each week of the advent season! Candles available and sold separately. Includes adventlighting instructions.

Retail Price $24.95 Our Price $13.88

Stocking Stuffers and "Buy-for-Siblings" Gifts!

Potato Gun  60% Off

If you want to see some fun and excitement, buy a set of these potato guns (don't forget one for Dad too) and watch the "bullets" fly! Just press the gun's tip into a normal ordinary potato and it will create a harmless pellet that can be fired. Lots of active fun!

Retail Price $2.50 Our Price $0.99

Owl Necklaces  50% Off

Cute and vibrant owl necklaces are just the thing to make you feel wise!

Retail Price $6.00 Our Price $.99

Fidget  50% Off

Feeling fidgety? Twist this toy into every creative and imaginable shape! Wooden blocks are connected by heavy-duty elastic cord, making them stretchy fun to maneuver. Great to have tucked in your bag anytime kids have to wait! Very fun for any age.

Retail Price $3.00 Our Price $1.49

Wipe-Off Learning Placemats  50% Off

Learn while you eat! Assorted laminated placemats...lots to choose from: horses, stars and constellations, fish, saltwater fish, farm animals,

Retail Price $3.00 Our Price $1.49 each
#13313, #1242,

Die Cast Metal Farm Tractor  50% Off

Pull back and go zooming off! These fun, die cast metal farm tractors are ready for action! Assorted colors

Retail Price $5.00 Our Price $2.88

Mars Mud  50% Off

We first encountered Mars Mud in the Nasa Center museum souvenir shop. Louisa's souvenir became the coveted one amongst our children, because it is so tactile: metallic, squishy, oozy, bouncy, and fragrant! Container holds 2x the amount of silly putty eggs, and is much more fun, according to my kids!

Retail Price $3.50 Our Price $1.88

Emoticon Stampers, Set of 24  45% Off

Stamp it up with these fun emoji stampers that are self-inking. Assorted styles. Stamp them on your Christmas cards.

Retail Price $4.50 Our Price $2.49

Bag of Marbles with Shooter  39% Off

Net bag of 40 glass marbles includes one shooter marble.

Our Price $0.88

Nail Art Decals  51% Off

Just press these stick-on nail decals to your fingernails or toenails for a fun design. Approximately 30 decals per sheet, set of one dozen sheets. Decals range from 1/8" to 1.5" each.

Retail Price $1.60 Our Price $0.88

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  86% Off

The classic story of Tom Sawyer's thrilling adventures. Full unabridged edition includes craft project: build your own paper steamboat model. Paperback, 11 years and up.

Retail Price $6.99 Our Price $0.99

Twig Pencil  50% Off

Out in nature! That's how you'll feel when writing with this real twig pencil. Writes with a graphic pencil lead. 7.5"

Retail Price $1.50 Our Price $0.88

Calc-U-Color  50% Off

In Calc-u-Color, doing math problems results in a mystery picture being exposed problem-by-problem as you color the space the right color of the answer. Great educational fun! (sample problems: 60 - 3, 40 + 14, 13 + 10, 40 - 5, etc.) Ages 6 to 9 years.

Retail Price $4.00 Our Price $1.99

Thinking Putty: Neon Flash  50% Off

Little 2" mini tin of the most popular putty around!!!!

Retail Price $3.00 Our Price $1.88

Chinese Jumprope   50% Off

Use for the fun and energetic Chinese jump rope games. 60" loop. Instructions included. Ages 5+

Retail Price $3.00 Our Price $1.88

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