Toys for Little Ones


Rattle and Roll Car   NEW!   

Here's baby's first car! Made of that signature Oball material that's easy for little hands to grasp so baby can grab it and send it rolling across the floor! The soft, flexible material is teethable and fun to reach out and grab. Each wheel features colorful rattle beads that are fun to watch and make interesting rattling sounds. Your little one will love rattling and rolling this irresistible vehicle! Choose red or blue.

Our Price $8.49 each


#14270, 14271

Oball Rollie Rattles   NEW!   

Get the fun rolling with these clever toys designed for even the littlest hands to grasp easily. The clear rattle ball rolls and rattles when baby pushes it across the floor. Colorful, charming animal characters. Soft, flexible, teethe-able. Safe...does not contain PVC, latex or phthalates. Will be your little one's favorite toy!

Our Price $8.99 each


Elephant + Lion Retail Price $18.00 Our Price $16.99

#14157 #14158 #14161


Pull Back and Go Tractor   

Metal Tractor is fun for farm play. Pull back and watch it zoom ahead. 4". Assorted colors. One tractor per order.

Take a look Our Price $5.49


Imagination Magnets   

Imagination + Magnets = thinking skills fun! Boost fine motor, problem solving, sorting, and visual thinking skills with this fun set! Stores in a sturdy wood carrying case with rope handles. Great for home or car. Arrange the bright colored magnetic blocks on the boards to copy your design challenge. 50 color design cards: animals, faces, vehicles, sports, structures and more. 42 magnetic blocks, Magnetic board surface doubles as a dry-erase board. Draw a background for your creation! Parents' Choice Gold Award winner. Ages 3 years and up.

Take a look Our Price $34.99


Funtime Fishing   

Let's go fishing! Durable quality fishing set has a fishing pole with a reel that truly works, plus a magnetic worm to attract the colorful fish. Submerge the fish and watch them blow bubbles. Bright colorful fishing toy is a favorite!

Take a look Our Price $24.99


Foam Magnets: Objects   

Put these on your fridge front and watch the storytelling come to life! 60 fun, chunky foam magnets adhere to the tub, the fridge, or even a cookie sheet. These 1" tall magnets show full-color pictures of a variety of objects from A to Z. They are great for teaching phonics especially with sound-letter relationships when used with our Letter Foam Magnets. The set includes at least 2 objects for each beginning letter sound. Ages 3 & Up

Take a look Our Price $17.99


Inflatable Alligator Ring Toss Game 

Fun 22" Inflatable alligator is fun for parties, lawn games. Includes 6 plastic rings in assorted colors.

Take a look Retail Price $8.00 Our Price $6.99


Happy Kids Hand Puppets  17% Off

Delightful fabric puppets - 8 total - have working mouths (like the Muppets) with huge smiles, embroidered features and durable, sewn-on clothing. Plush fabric with yarn hair. Fabulous for story-telling. 14" Machine washable.

Take a look Retail Price $38.50 Our Price $32.99


Dinosaur Play Figures  

Large 7" plastic dinosaur play figures, set of 12.

Take a look Our Price $10.99


Stickers for the Tub: Farm Friends  

Chubby, durable foam shapes stick when wet. These farm animals, fences, grass, tractor will make the perfect barnyard scene on the tile or side of your bathtub! Includes nice net storage bag with suctions cups to keep things neat and handy. For ages 6 months to 6 years.

Take a look Our Price $9.99


Pattern Play 

Versatile award-winning Pattern Play blocks are a great introduction to math concepts like sorting, matching, symmetry, congruence and fractions. This high-quality set fits just-so into its wood tray, with vibrant colors and unusual shapes that build spatial skills. Includes 40 exceptionally well-finished wood blocks, a square wood building tray, 40 pattern cards and a drawstring canvas storage bag. Fit all the blocks in the tray like a puzzle, match the design on a card, sort by size and color, or create your own imaginative designs. Ages 3 and up

Take a look Our Price $34.99


Soft, Squeezable Blocks for Little Ones  

Stack them, squeeze them, squeak them, teethe on them, float them in the tub! These soft 2" square squeezy blocks are ideal for little ones! Block surfaces offer a 3D sculptured image of friendly animals and numbers on every side. Storage bag included. Ages 6 months to 3 years.

Take a look Our Price $18.99





Want to teach your wee one to catch a ball? It doesn't get easier than this! 4.5" in diameter and full of 32 finger holes, make it simple to catch and a breeze to throw! Springy and flexibleall ages love to play with it! Kick it, hit it, run over it with a car, and it still bounces right back into a perfect sphere! Choose the classic Oball, fun Football, or the new Rattle-ball which is our popular Oball with a fun rattle inside, babies love it!

Football Our Price $8.99

Large Oball Our Price $12.99

Green Rattle Our Price $8.99
Orange Rattle Our Price $8.99
Blue Rattle Our Price $8.99
Pink Rattle Our Price $8.99
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Oball Shaker Rattle/Teether 

Specially designed for babies, the Shaker Rattle is a visual and tactile experience. Flexible, springy, mini-oball ends are great for teething. Rattle is clear so you can see the colorful beads, has a textured hold and makes a pleasant sound. Free of BPA, PVC, latex or phthalates. Your baby is going to love this!

Take a look Our Price $7.99


Bath Tub Toy Bag   

Do your bathtoys end up all over the house? If so, this hanging toy bag is the perfect solution! It mounts easily to the bathtub wall with suction cups and holds lots and lots of toys. Quick-drying 100% polyester mesh bag allows the water to drain and prevents mildew. 18"x12" bag is washable. (Tip: use rubbing alcohol to clean bathtub tile surface before applying suction cups for a great grip!)

Take a look Our Price $5.99

Plush Pacifiers 

Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier. No more losing or forgetting your baby's pacifier. BPA, phthalate free and latex free. Surface wash. Made with a Soothie medical grade latex free pacifier. Carefully calculated weight and size of plush animal keeps the WubbaNub pacifier near baby's mouth. 6. For 0 to 6 months. Tons of love in every Nub!

Cutsie Caterpillar Our Price $15.99
Ella Bella Our Price $15.99
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Taggies "Oodles Owl" Plush Rattle  

Soft, plush owl has satiny tags for baby to explore. Baby safe embroidered details and bright colors. 4.5"

Take a look Our Price $8.99


Toy Sailboats   

Set of 6 colorful racing sailboats are fun in the tub or for water play! Just right for small hands, these tiny sailboats are just 4" and float wonderfully! Solid wood construction.For little ones.

Take a look Our Price $23.99


Shaving in the Tub 

Ready for some good clean fun' This pretend-play shaving kit is loaded with all the accessories your youngster needs to be just like Dad. Your child can give himself a squeaky clean "shave" while he bathes! Kit comes with Rub a Dub foaming body soap, shaver, lather brush, comb and mirror.

Take a look $12.99



Rub-a-Dub Laundry Day  

Bath Fun!

Keep your little ones happily playing during bath time with this fun fill-and-spill toy! Play laundry in the tub by dipping the "dirty" clothes into warm water and watch the stains disappear. Magic ink spots disappears in warm bath water and reappears as they cool. Clothes stick magnetically to the side of the bathrub too, so you can "hang" them up to dry! Includes 12 pieces of laundry, plus a laundry basket. For ages 2 to 6 years.

Take a look $12.99



Stacking Pegs 

Sorting, counting, creating patterns, and developing fine motor skills are "get-me-ready-to-learn" activities—and they just think they are having fun with these brightly colored stacking pegs! Pegs nudge into rubber pegboard base and can be stacked securely on top of each other, higher and higher. Virtually indestructible plastic pegs are even safe for 2-year-olds. The pegboard set comes with base and 25 pegs. This is the "fought-over-toy" among toddlers! Age 2 years and older.

Take a look $14.99



Wooden Stringing Sets - String a Farm 

Little ones love to string these wooden chunky barnyard animals together to create a farmyard of fun. Includes cotton string, stopper, wooden "needle", and 12 wooden figures that could be used for imaginative play too! Ages 3 years and up.

Take a look $15.99



Over and Under Tunnel 

This Over & Under Tunnel is a great way to add lots of fun to your train set! Real wood pieces fit with most wooden train sets. Train and car not included

Take a look Our Price $16.99


Do-a-Dot Marker Activity Books: Discovering My World  

Use your do-a-dot marker to dot your way to fun with these activity books on quality non-bleed through paper! Pictures of fish, frogs, cats, dogs, dinosaurs, teddy bears, and clowns--all ready for dotting! Pages are perforated for easy removal and display. 24 pages.

Take a look Our Price $4.99


Farm Animals Dot Marker Activity Sheets  

These dot marker activity sheets offer a fun way to use Do-a-Dot markers. Patterns include cows, sheep, horses, chickens, pigs, dogs and cats. 11" x 8 1/2". 50 sheets.

Take a look Our Price $4.99


Everyday Dot Marker Activity Sheets  

Lots of fun pages to stamp with Do-a-Dot markers! Pack contains 50 sheets (multiple copies of each of the 6 designs). Patterns include fish, cars, hearts, dinosaurs, rainbows and flowers. 11" x 8 1/2"

Take a look Our Price $5.99


Do-A-Dot Art Markers 

Kids love these fantastic paints! Just dot and dab and a controlled amount of color flows onto the paper—no brush needed! Paints won't even dry out if the cap is left off. Six bright washable colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple in a carrying case.

Take a look Retail Price $15.50 Our Price $14.99


Play and Learn Coloring Book: Do-A-Dot Art 

Preschoolers can dot their way through the ABC's, numbers, and shapes with this fun book. A very fun way to reinforce letters for beginning phonics using the Do-a-Dot Markers. Paperback, quality art paper, 28 pages.

Take a look Our Price $4.99
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