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"All Set for 7th Grade" Complete Curriculum

"All Set for 7th Grade" Complete Curriculum
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7th grade is one of my favorite years to teach, because children are leaving childhood and becoming reasoning teenagers, and it is so fun to discuss things with them! I also love 7th grade because it is when we do our US History course, which is my favorite! Using Joy Hakim's award-winning series, The History of US, along with award-winning historical fiction novels set in the time periods, this course forms a foundation for patriotic American adult life. I like to assign writing assignments on the themes of our history and novel study, to make a very exciting year!

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Your "All Set for 7th Grade" Curriculum Kit includes:



Wordsmith is designed to get students excited about writing, and it certainly accomplished that for us! Each lesson explains itself to the student, and then step-by-step leads him through the lesson with a write-in-the-blank workbook. Topics include: "So You Think You Hate Writing", word games using parts of speech, sentence structure, figures of speech, describing a person, narrative, writing dialogue, point of view, how to proofread, etc. The exercises are great for reluctant writers with enough fun to keep them going. Children must know some basic grammar (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) before using this course. Optional Teachers Manual briefly explains daily lesson information and assignments and gives possible answers, but is not essential. Paperback, 90 pages, ages 12 and up.


Vocabulary Cartoons, Book 1 

Vocabulary Cartoons has revolutionized learning vocabulary words in my homeschool! Everybody likes cartoon drawings, so there isn't any coaxing to get kids going on this book. Besides a humorous visual cartoon, there is an often silly "sound-alike" clue. There are also several sentences using the word so you get the feel of it. Plus, an easy pronunciation guide. I am learning right along with my kids, and find myself relying on the memory clues. For example, the word "capacious" means roomy and spacious. I learned the word while quizzing my kids on Vocabulary Cartoons, and I later encountered it in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park, describing a room in a mansion. Instantly I saw in my mind's eye the drawing of a skinny boy with a huge cap on, a cap that was spacious. A capacious cap!

Vocabulary words are taken from the SAT test, which gives me a measure of confidence that they are words worth knowing. Each unit is divided into 10 words, with a full page for each word. The words in each lesson are grouped in a logical way, such as all the words with the same prefix . . . more.


Basic Winston Grammar  

Winston Grammar is great for children who do best using a hands-on format. Colored clue cards are used to lay out each sentence, "diagramming" parts of speech in a very tangible way. Parts of speech are taught beginning with "articles," "nouns," and "verbs" and moving gradually into advanced English, quite enough for anyone entering college. The teacher explains the part of speech that is being focused on and gives some sentences for the children to practice on, laying their parts of speech cards out in order. After this hands-on workout, the children may do the workbook page that reinforces the lesson in writing. Teacher's edition (included) contains complete, simple instructions for teacher, and workbook answers. I use this in our homeschool, for my children aged 8 through 15, and find in to be thorough and fun! We play it like a game and everyone enjoys it. My first choice in grammar!


Apologia General Science Text + Solutions Manual 

General Science is for the Jr. High years and introduces the scientific method, experiments, simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology, biology, human anatomy, and physiology. Lab experiments use just household items. Even if you don't feel confident in teaching science to your children, you will find the help you need in these books designed especially for homeschoolers. Written by a former university professor who is Christian, these textbooks are presented in conversational style, as if the author is having a good talk with the reader. Concepts are easy to understand, and good experiments can easily be performed at home. Each course comes as a 2-book set: the hardcover textbook and a paperback solutions/test manual. These are the bestselling science books among homeschoolers! Companion CD available (sold separately). Each course has 12-16 modules, which can be paced for 2 weeks each, for a complete school years study. The curriculum is backed by free question/answer support in case you need tutoring. Current 2nd edition.


Saxon Math 87: Complete Homeschool Kit 

I wish all curriculum choices were as easy as this! Saxon has proven to have the best mathematics text available today. Every school in the U.S. that has used them has raised college board scores 20% and has tripled Calculus enrollment, has doubled Physics enrollment and has reduced the number of kids on the slow track by over 50%. The reason? Normal math books introduce a new concept with each chapter, then drop that topic as the next chapter goes on to something new. This week, it's multiplication; next week it is fractions, and I can't remember multiplication! In Saxon books, the concepts are practiced daily, over and over, until they are fully automatic and math becomes easier and more enjoyable.
Look at the last digit to determine the grade: Math 5/4 is for 4th graders, Math 6/5 for 5th graders, and Math 7/6 for 6th graders. Now you can choose a customized program for your student! Math 8/7 is the culmination of Saxon Homeschool Math for middle grades, reviewing arithmetic calculation, measurements, basic geometry, and other foundational concepts and skills. Math 8/7 gets a child ready for Pre-Algebra with extensive pre-algebra exercises. Current 3rd edition. . . . more.


A History of US: Volumes 1-5 

Who doesn't love a good story? These unique books will make a history-lover out of you and your children! I read them just for fun. Author Joy Hakim was distressed when her 7th grade daughter thought public school history was dull, and she set out to make it interesting for her. This incredible award-winning series is the result! Masterful storyteller, Joy, weaves the exciting adventures that make up the history of our nation so that they read like a novel. You wont find these unique stories and photos elsewhere. I cant imagine a college course containing anything more. I initially thought these books were too much of an investment for history, but once I started reading, I was hooked. They are definitely worth the money. (Not written from a Christian perspective, so you will find some cave man type info in the first book, and bits of Woman's Lib throughout.) Paperback books, color photos, approximately 200 pages each, for ages 11 to adult. Riveting reading your children are going to love American History! Current 3rd Edition.


A History of US: Volumes 11 Sourcebook 

Here's the book that really makes history available with original documents such as the Mayflower Compact and Patrick Henry's fiery "Give My Liberty or Give Me Death" speech plus lots lots more. As you read and study The History of US, you will refer to this helpful source book that has done all the work for you: a gathering of important historical foundation documents that made our history! Having them together in one place, easy to access and read when the chronological time comes in your history studies, is so valuable! You will refer to it again and again.


Course Outline for 7th & 8th Grade 

My favorite way of teaching 6-8 grade history! Using the fabulous History of US series as your curriculum foundation, you can teach history, of course, but also use the topic of your studies for teaching Writing, Literature Studies, Humanities and Art. The History of US complete set includes 11 fascinating, fun to read books full of color photos. I read these aloud to my children and we discuss them...they are SO interesting, and storylike. They are also just as attention-keeping for a student to read silently. They will love them, I promise! The Course Outline includes reading assignments for the History of US series, week by week. You'll get topics to use in your composition writing that relate to the US historical time studies, plus recommendations for my favorite historical fiction books, one per unit, that bring each history to life! Some of my favorites are Night Journey, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, Sign of the Beaver, Calico Captive. Don't miss watching the old Disney live action movie Squanto when you study the Pilgrims. Your kids will love it, and understand the tension between the white man and the Indians so much better! Also includes recommendations for movie and art projects that will make your studies a memorable experience. Follow this Course Outline to provide the framework for two full years of history and literature studies for ages 12-16 years. Written by Diane Hopkins. Ebook format.

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