A History of Us Book 10: All the People (4th edition)

A History of Us Book 10: All the People (4th edition)
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Who doesn't love a good story? These unique books will make a history-lover out of you and your children! I read them just for fun. Author Joy Hakim was distressed when her 7th grade daughter thought public school history was dull and she set out to make it interesting for her. This incredible award-winning series is the result! Masterful storyteller, Joy, weaves the exciting adventures that make up the history of our nation so that they read like a novel. You won't find these unique stories and photos elsewhere. I can't imagine a college course containing anything more. Teaching Guide will help you lead your child through discussions, projects and activities to help them synthesize what they have learned. Study guides/tests are included in the Teaching Guide. I initially thought these books were too much of an investment for history, but once I started reading, I was hooked. They are definitely worth the money. (Not written from a Christian perspective, so you will find some "cave man" type info in the first book, and bits of Woman's Lib throughout.) Riveting reading — your children are going to love American History!

Newly published! Book 10 is the book in the History of US set that gets updated to include the latest current events. If you have the set, you may want to update your collection.

Paperback, color photos, for ages 11 to adult. 4th Edition (Book 10 only) has history through 2009. A whopping 303 pages.

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