A House United: Changing Children's Hearts and Behaviors By Teaching Self-Government

A House United: Changing Children's Hearts and Behaviors By Teaching Self-Government
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We know our job as parent is the very most important, but it sure is tough! Wish these kids came with an instruction manual. How are we parents supposed to manage? Or even survive?

When my first child was born, I had stacks of well-read parenting books. I had taken Child Development in college, and I "knew" some things about parenting. Was I ever in for a surprise! I think my college child development and parenting books should have had a warning sticker on them: Don't try this at home--it's harder than it looks!

Here's help! A House United is all about teaching children correct principles and communication skills so they can learn to govern themselves! Home can be happier. Home life can be peaceful. Yay!

Learn through stories, examples, and questions & answers. Even tough teens respond to the principles taught in this book. Excellent, down-to-earth help for parents to make life better. 383 Pages, paperback.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Crisis Course 1

Step One: Finding Your Family Vision

1- Teaching Self-Government 3
2- The Race 13
3- Vision, WHY? 19
4- Finding Vision 26
5- It Starts With You 38
6- Know Your Children 47
7- Inspire Mission 70

Step Two: Establishing a Family Government

8- Family Government 78
9- Family Activities 85
10- Acceptance 91
11- Love and Mercy 103
12- Trust 111
13- Family Standard 117
14- Family Economy 133
15- Couple’s Meetings 157
16- Family Meetings 167
17- Mentor Sessions 185
18- Power Struggles and Threats 199

Step Three: Teaching Self-Government

19- What Are We Communicating? 210
20- Problem Solving 220
21- Four Basic Skills 233
22- Make It Worth It—Praising 259
23- Getting Ready to Say Okay—Prepping 265
24- Correcting Bad Behaviors 275
25- The Rule of Three 290
26- Parent Counseling—For Focus 303
27- Straight Talk About Sex 312
28- Prayer—Parent Power in Action 325
29- Question and Answer 329
30- A Bumpy Road 373

Afterward –Spencer Speaks to Fathers 375
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