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"All Set for 4th Grade" Complete Curriculum

"All Set for 4th Grade" Complete Curriculum
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Ages: 8-9 yrs.

Grade: Fourth Grade

Your "All Set for 4th Grade" kit includes:

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Learning Language Arts Complete 4th Grade Kit  10% Off

With literature as its basis, this popular English program integrates spelling, reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetry, research, and study skills. Besides that, it is easy for moms to use--all the preparation is done for you! The basic book contains everything needed to be both a teacher's manual and a student's workbook. The answers are included in a side bar on each page, which makes for easy self-correction. (Cover them with a slip of paper while doing the assignments on separate paper. Some pages will require you to write directly in the book or photocopy.) If you want to make life easier, purchase the optional Student Activity Book that contains the same student work found in the basic book (without the answers) in an appealing, illustrated format with space to write in all the answers, as well as some extra enrichment activities such as word puzzles. Each level uses the reading books listed below as an integral part of the program. Complete kit for each grade level includes the Basic Book, the Student Activity Book, plus all the reading books you will need to complete the course.
. . . more.


Singapore Primary Mathematics, Level 4 

Asian students are famous for their mathematical prowess, and these are the books that they use to gain those skills. If you want your child to learn to think mathematically, not just be able to solve math problems, you will be pleased and surprised with how well your student progresses. The textbooks teach the concepts and the workbooks are designed to be done independently by your student, and are paperback, with happy, color illustrations--very kid friendly.
. . . more.


Exploring Creation with Botany  23% Off

Enjoy a safari through jungles, deserts, forests, and farms to learn all about the marvelous creatures God created for this earth! Learn how to classify them, learn where each animal lives, what its tracks look like, and how to live peacefully with them. What should you do if you encounter a bear? How can you tell if a snake is poisonous? Come find out answers to these questions and many more.
Apologia's "Exploring Creation Series" is the #1 science curriculum for homeschoolers! I think it is the very best way to teach a family all at once, since it covers ages K-6th grade. Instead of trying to do a "cover everything" approach, Apologia textbooks are very specific to one field of science, such as Botany, Zoology, Astronomy, etc. which is not what we are used to for young children, but oh, it works so well! We can really delve into the subject! One textbook is to be used as a year-long family unit study which I really appreciate, as it is so much easier to teach all the kids the same topic, and do the experiments together. . . . more.


A Child's Story of America 

A Child's Story of America From Columbus to the present, U.S. history is condensed at a fourth grade reading level from a Christian perspective. Chapter review questions are included at the end of each chapter, the perfect springboard for discussion. Illustrated with 2-color drawings, photos, and maps. Paperback, 275 pages. Interesting reading and stories gives an excellent overview! I love this book and use it in my homeschool. Includes test packet and answer keys to make a full year course! Grades 4-5. . . . more.


Stories of the Pilgrims 

This interesting chapter book is a treasure for studying the beginnings of America! Read it aloud to the whole family! This inspiring true story begins in Scrooby, England, where the first whisperings of seeking religious freedom entered the thoughts and discussions of our forefathers. Follow their wanderings until their settlement in Plymouth, led by the hand of God through countless hardships and escapades. The book is divided into chapters, each an adventure story of its own. We read this outloud and enjoyed it immensely. These true stories stirred a great appreciation and love for our faithful Pilgrim forefathers. Paperback, 244 pages, black-and-white drawings, with comprehensive questions included. For ages 9 and up. 2nd edition. . . . more.


Turning Back the Pages of Time:
A Guide to American History Through Literature 

Nothing makes history as real to life as a good book set in the time period. This booklet is divided into sections by eras, beginning with the Early Explorers (900-1600's) and ending with World War II (1939-1945). You will find titles and brief descriptions of excellent reading, by grade level, for each time period. Information is also given on the likelihood of locating these books in the library and how reputable the author is. All titles have been screened with a Christian perspective, so you won't have any unpleasant surprises! A useful resource book for the homeschool. Paperback, 35 pages, grades K to 8th. . . . more.


Wee Sing America CD and Songbook 

Wee Sing America is a tribute to our nation, a collection of 60 songs about our land and our flag, war and peace, and about the people who explored, settled and built our country-songs that were created and sung by our forefathers. The songbook has the scores and words from every verse along with quotes and fascinating facts. I don't think it should be called "Wee", since the songs are inspiring for teens and adults too! We sing these songs often, especially at the beginning of our homeschool. Includes 60 minutes of song and a 64 page small, illustrated paperback songbook. . . . more.


United States Puzzle  50% Off

This oversized US Floor Puzzle measures 2.5 ft x 1.5 ft. With the pieces shaped like the states of the US, the puzzle offers a great geography lesson. The pieces are also twice the thickness of the average jigsaw puzzle adding the sturdiness and quality to last a lifetime. Ages 6 and up. Completed size: 2.5 ft x 1.5 ft, pieces are twice the thickness, 55 pieces.

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