"All Set for Kindergarten" Complete Curriculum

"All Set for Kindergarten" Complete Curriculum
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Ages: 4-5 yrs.

Grade: Kindergarten

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"All Set for Kindergarten" kit includes:


Happy Phonics 

When my son Ammon was a very bright, wiggly and energetic 5-year-old, he couldn't seem to get interested in workbooks or sit still for lessons. The only way I could get his attention long enough to teach him to read was to play games with him. Over the years, these games have evolved into an easy, happy way to teach children to read, from the very first step (learning the ABC song) through advanced phonics and spelling. . . . more.


Complete Explode the Code Primer Set A, B & C 

Here is my favorite resource for teaching your young child the sounds the letters make, and how to write them! Primer books open horizontally to a clean, bright format with simple line drawings done by children. This set teaches all the consonant letters thoroughly with a whopping 12 pages of fun activities for each letter. The most fun is the riddle page. Mom reads the riddles (found in the Teacher's Manual, or create your own) while the child follows instructions carefully. For example, after learning the letter "f" (how to write it, its sound, and its capital letter) the first riddle says: "I am thinking of something that is often made of wood. It keeps animals in a yard or field. What is it?" Now the child looks at all the drawings on his page and finds the fence. "What sound does fence begin with? ("ffff"). Color the fence green." Each object that the child finds to answer the riddle has a different direction with it, such as put an X on it, or color it red and yellow, etc.
Paperback, 78 pages per book. You'll love these! . . . more.

Explode the Code Primer A, B, C Teachers Instructions 

Teacher's Guide will help you teach the Explode the Code workbooks, although they are pretty self-explanatory. Other options for instruction are provided, plus the very important riddles and answers, that are needed to work the Explode the Code workbook pages. Covers Explode the Code Primers Book A, B and C.  (Included in set above).


A Reason for Handwriting, Kindergarten 

Penmanship Lessons Based on Scripture Verses

A person's handwriting, just like their personal appearance, says a lot about them! It takes practice to have nice penmanship, but many of the workbooks on the market seemed to offer silly sentences that seem no more than busy work. I love the idea of using scriptures to practice penmanship! What a meaningful way to sharpen penmanship skills! . . . more.


Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten Math, Standard Edition  

Math-smart kids—that's what you will have if you use Singapore math! Asian students are famous for their mathematical prowess, and these are the books that they use to gain those skills. If you want your child to learn to think mathematically, not just be able to solve math problems, you will be pleased and surprised with how well your student progresses. Big textbook teaches the concepts with happy, color illustrations—very kid friendly and activity based. It is hard for me to call these "textbooks" because they are workbooks full of fun pictures and activities! Detailed teaching notes at the bottom of the pages will give you instructions for the page, plus activities to do to reinforce the concepts. Test scores conclusively and repeatedly put Singapore Primary Mathematics in top rank in international tests! Singapore's genius is in a unique pattern of moving from hands-on demonstrations, to picture drawings (concrete examples with pictures) to the abstract (numbers and symbols) in a natural, easy-to-understand progression. This works! . . . more. . . and more


The World God Made, Grade K  14% Off

A true study of science is nothing less than an investigation of God's handiwork. Colorful, bright photographs make it a joy just to browse these science textbooks, but you will find that the interesting text gives glory to the Creator for this earth and its marvels. Lots of hands-on activities and projects are interspersed throughout. Each chapter ends with a vocabulary study and helpful review questions. Paperback, large size, color photographs throughout, approx. 100 - 150 pages. Written from a fundamental Christian perspective. . . . more.


I Love America  78% Off

A favorite with homeschool families! I love this fun introduction to American History for young ones. It takes so little preparation on my part and the kids thoroughly enjoy the lessons.Contains a monthly theme lesson: Columbus and the discovery of America, Why I Like Being an American, Washington and Valley Forge, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Pocahontas, etc. complete with illustrated stories, art activities, songs, poems, and more. We especially enjoyed learning the Preamble to the Constitution in sign language. There is also a coloring page for each of the 50 states that teaches the state's bird, flower, tree, chief product, and other information. 300 pages, 3-hole punched, for ages 4 to 10 years. . . . more.


Wee Sing America CD and Songbook 

Wee Sing America is a tribute to our nation, a collection of 60 songs about our land and our flag, war and peace, and about the people who explored, settled and built our country-songs that were created and sung by our forefathers. The songbook has the scores and words from every verse along with quotes and fascinating facts. I don't think it should be called "Wee", since the songs are inspiring for teens and adults too! We sing these songs often, especially at the beginning of our homeschool. Includes 60 minutes of song and a 64 page small, illustrated paperback songbook. . . . more.


USA Map Placemat 

Why read cereal boxes?. . . when you could be learning the planets, the periodic table, the systems of the human body or the states and their capitals? These colorful, wipe-off placemats are a favorite. Since it seems that my children spend most of their time eating, perhaps this is the right place for study! Standard placemat size: 12" x 18". Placemats feature full color front; the reverse side is the same picture outlined in black and white so your child can color or write in the information on the write-on, wipe-off surface.
. . . more.

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