Anagrams - My Very Favorite Game!

Anagrams - My Very Favorite Game!
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Popular as a Victorian parlor game, this old-fashioned letter game is our family's tradition whenever we get together for holidays! It is my personal favorite and the game I always want to play. I must admit I am a bit biased, having reigned as the "Anagrams Queen" until my children grew into smart teens who could beat me at it. My sister always provides a huge challenge to keeping that title as well! The game is very simple and can be learned in minutes. Letter tiles are flipped over one by one, and as soon as a word comes to mind, you can claim it. All players are thinking and searching for words at the same time. This is a truly educational game, reinforcing good spelling and teaching vocabulary! Players are also studying everyone's already-created words to see if the addition of a few more letters would make a new word to claim as their own. This takes brainpower and is incredibly fun and challenging. Game set includes letter tiles, plastic storage tube, and full instructions on many game variations. (Product packaged with the title "Snatch-It".) Highly recommended!
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