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Ankarsrum Original - The Best Bread Mixer on the Market - (Creme)

Ankarsrum Original - The Best Bread Mixer on the Market - (Creme)
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It is amazing how stressful life can get when you are "out of bread" . . . . right?! You can make fabulous whole wheat bread in less time than a grocery shopping trip. The Swedish made Electrolux brand mixer is the finest bread mixer on the market—I love mine! It is so sturdy that it seems indestructible! I have never had one smidgen of trouble with it in 20 years. This is a lifetime investment that will pay you back easily in 6 months of delicious home baked bread and baked goods that build health, save you money and keep all those preservatives and additives out of your diet. Use for small amounts, or large: you can whip out several loaves quickly as this incredible mixer makes 15 lbs. of dough that is smooth and elastic for the perfect bread texture. 

The "Ankarsrum" is the newest version of the Electrolux Assistent DLX Mixer/ Magic Mill Mixer. The Ankarsrum Mixer includes a unique "roller and scraper" (my favorite tool for bread making), a dough hook, plastic bowl and double beater whisks, along with the heavy-duty extra large 8 quart stainless steel bowl. The bowl is large enough to hold 7 lbs. of flour (28 cups).  That's a lot of bread!  

It takes 5 min. to dump in the ingredients and when the kneading is done, the machine clicks itself off, which means you can get it started and walk away! It isn't too hard for a 8-year-old to be the family bread maker. The one big problem I have encountered is trying to keep all that delicious home baked bread from being eaten up around here! (Are we out already!?)

More details on my favorite bread mixer:

Look no further!  The Ankarsrum Assistent is the newest model of the workhorse mixer that I've had for 20 years. This absolutely the best bread mixer available!  I've tried a lot of bread mixers, and have found the Electrolux brand to be tops for its ability to produce dough with perfectly developed gluten, the kind of dough that will make your baked goods light, fluffy and delicious.  Engineered by Electrolux of Sweden, this amazing mixer has established a record in Europe as the most durable, reliable and versatile bread maker-mixer available.  Electrolux has proven quality and reliability on the European market for over 50 years, and is unsurpassed for kneading breads, as well as use as a mixer.  Some of its great features include a powerful 600 Watt motor, speed sensor which automatically adjusts the torgue to load, variable speed control, 12 minute timer, and a huge dough capacity--up to 6 huge loaves!  I love the stainless steel bowl design which has a curved-in rim which keeps the contents inside the bowl.  You will get a 5 year warranty, but you'll never need it, because this machine can't be stopped.  Mine has never needed even one teensy repair in the 15 years that I've used it almost daily.  It has just set right on my kitchen counter year after year being an amazingly dependable workhorse.  I think it is impossible to break this durable, heavy-duty machine!  

Money:  When you consider a bread mixer, you have to think of it is as a lifetime investment.  Otherwise, you'll end up buying (and replacing) lower price mixers that need repairs after a year.  I've done that too many times to mention!  This thing won't die, so you can count on it lasting through all your family-raising years!  I calculated that if I bake my own bread, rather than spending $3-$4 (or more) per loaf for the "good stuff", I'd have a savings of at least $15-20 per week just on bread.  And my bread would have the freshest, most wholesome ingredients rather than whatever the grocery store bread has in its list of ingredients!  Ingredients for making bread are relatively cheap, so even a conservative estimate would give me a savings of $60 per month, just for bread alone. And that is not counting the muffins, cookies, pizza dough, rolls, cakes, brownies, coffee cakes, mashed potatoes and everything else I make in mine.  So, even at a low-ball figure of $60 per month savings on just bread alone, I paid for my mixer in just 6 months!

The Ankarsrum mixer comes with a very deep food-grade stainless steel bowl that holds up to 28 cups of flour (which makes 15 lbs. of dough!).  The bowl does not have a center cone to get in the way or any seams or shafts so clean-up is easy!  Basically, I use the mixer to make fantastic bread, cookies, cakes, muffins, and everything else. The roller and scraper design mimics hand-kneading and the results are excellent, whether you are making 1 loaf or 6, like I do!  (The company says you can make 10 loaves!) Whether you mix up a small batch of cookies, or use it to its full capacity, this mixer is a dream.  The "fluted roller and scraper" tools knead the dough without tearing it, unlike dough hooks, making the dough light and fluffy.  

The Ankarsrum mixer includes:

• Instructional DVD 

• Stainless steel bowl

• Cover

• My favorite fluted "roller and scraper" tool for kneading bread dough

•  Dough hook

•  Poly beater bowl

•  Whips

•  Whisk

One of the fabulous features is the auto-off timer which allows you to set a number of minutes (I do my bread for 9 minutes), and walk away. The mixer kneads the dough, and then automatically clicks off, whereupon it is left to rest and rise.  It takes me 5-10 minutes to dump the ingredients in and then set the auto-off timer.  When I come back in a half hour or so, there is  perfectly risen silky, elastic dough, just ready to form into loaves, scones, breadsticks, cinnamon rolls . . . whatever!

Why is this so much better than the other bread-mixers?  Why doesn't it need repair?  Well, the design is amazing--an engineering masterpiece.  An efficient, high-torque direct drive motor with all stainless steel working parts has power to mix and knead even the largest batch of heavy bread dough, even bagels, without straining.  It sits firmly on solid rubber feet, and will not walk on the countertop during use. Because of its superior motor design, the Electrolux mixer only needs 600 watts of power to do what other mixers (rated up to 1400 watts) can do, without taxing its motor. It's quiet too!  Mixers are gear-driven, which can cause need for repairs. The Ankarsrum's unique belt-drive mixer is a standout machine with great capabilities. In 25 years in business, this best-selling bread mixer has never disappointed!

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 (Hawaii, Alaska: contact us for shipping costs.)

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