Apologia Chemistry Text and Solutions Manual (Grade 10) 3rd Edition

Apologia Chemistry Text and Solutions Manual (Grade 10) 3rd Edition
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Chemistry explores the wonderful world of the periodic table, elements, compounds, reactions, solutions, acids and bases, and more. In order to understand this course, you will need to have completed Algebra 1. You will benefit by having the Glassware Kit, including beakers, test tubes, alcohol burner, cylinders, mass scale, thermometer, and more, which make doing the experiments easier and more accurate. All of the chemicals used in this course are household materials that are readily available (salt, soda, dish soap, vinegar, etc.). Advanced Chemistry must be proceeded by a 1st-year chemistry course, and fills-the-gaps to make an equivalent of a 1st-year college chemistry course. Must have taken Algebra 2 Math.

Even if you don’t feel confident in teaching science to your children, you will find the help you need in these books designed especially for homeschoolers. Written by a former university professor who is Christian, these textbooks are presented in conversational style, as if the author is having a good talk with the reader. Concepts are easy to understand, and good experiments can easily be performed at home. Each course comes as a 2-book set: the hardcover textbook and a paperback solutions/test manual. These are the bestselling science books among homeschoolers!

Companion CD available. Each course has 12-16 modules, which can be paced for 2 weeks each, for a complete school year’s study. The curriculum is backed by free question/answer support in case you need tutoring. The Companion CD has narrations, video segments, and animations to enrich the textbook course.

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