Apologia Marine Biology Textbook + Solutions Manual (Grade 12)

Apologia Marine Biology Textbook + Solutions Manual (Grade 12)
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Marine Biology is taught from a creation viewpoint noting the majesty of God’s incredible design! Many lab experiments are done that require just household supplies, and additional optional experiments using a microscope and dissection kit. You can purchase the Dissection Kit separately (#11328).

Written speifically for homeschooling by a former university professor who is Christian, this course is presented in conversational style, as if the author is having a good talk with the reader. Concepts are easy to understand, and good experiments can easily be performed at home. Marine Biology is a 2-book set: the hardcover textbook and a paperback solutions/test manual. 

Course has 12-16 modules, which can be paced for 2 weeks each, for a complete school year’s study. The curriculum is backed by free question/answer support in case you need tutoring.  

Prerequisite: your student will need to have completed the Biology course before using this Marine Biology course.

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