Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space
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Dive into the wonders of the universe! Delve into earthquakes, hurricanes, glaciers, volcanoes, planets and more. Use eggs to understand plate tectonics, make a volcanic eruption, make up some edible sedimentary rock, a glacier, a tornado in a bottle!

Now you can teach the whole family, all ages, at the same time in a wonderful hands-on science course with this series of Christian classical science lesson books written in a friendly conversational tone. Each volume contains well-organized and easy-to-follow lessons, detailed realistic diagram and illustration pages to color, experiments, hands-on activities, review sheets, memorization lists, vocabulary, scriptures and suggested field trips. Designed to be used twice a week for ages 8 to 14 years. Excellent! Paperback, approx. 300 pages.

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Bright Ideas in Science CurriculumWhile searching for a science curriculum which would teach scientific concepts, and integrate the Christian faith, homeschooling mother, Stephanie Redmond was encouraged by her friends to write what would become, Christian Kids Explore Biology. Due to the positive response of Christian Kids Explore Biology, Stephanie has written a second volume, Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space.

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space contains 24 lessons and six unit reviews which cover the topic of earth and space science. The curriculum is comprised of the following components:

A Note from the Author

How to Use This Book

Unit One

Getting Started: Earths Creation; Facts About Earth and Its Structure; Wrap Up

Unit Two

The Lithosphere: Plate Tectonics; Caves; Volcanoes; Earthquakes; Rock Types on Earth; Wrap Up

Unit Three

The Hydrosphere: Introduction; Oceans; Groundwater; Glaciers and Icebergs; Wrap Up

Unit Four

The Atmosphere: Introduction; Atmospheric Pressure; Humidity; Air Composition; Wrap Up

Unit Five

Earths Weather: Introduction to Weather & Seasons; Cloud Formation; Precipitation; Thunderstorms & Tornadoes; Hurricanes; Wrap Up

Unit Six

Beyond Earth: Makeup of the Universe; The Sun; Earths Moon; The Eight Other Planets; Wrap Up

The curriculum also includes a Glossary, Index and Appendices: A Note from the Author, How to Use This Book, Glossary and Appendices: Reproducible Maps, Forms and Illustrations, Memorization Lists, Scripture Memory, Coloring Pages, Recipes and Supplemental Activities, How to Make a Folder book, Book and Resource List and Answer Key.

Each lesson unit introduces the topic with a unit timeline, vocabulary words, and materials needed for the unit. The lesson itself is made up of two building blocks: Teaching Time and Hands on Time. I would highly recommend purchasing the resource cd download which contains the reproducible pages in the back of the text.

Overall, we have been pleased with this curriculum as it lends itself to the Classical Education and Charlotte Mason philosophies. Scientific concepts are presented in an engaging and easy to understand manner. This allows the student to build upon their interest through research and scientific experimentation. In the fall of 2014, our child is looking forward to utilizing the next book in this series Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.
Written by Kathy Alphs on Sat 5 Sep 2015 2:33:37 PM GMT
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