D.I.V.E. CD for Saxon Geometry

D.I.V.E. CD for Saxon Geometry
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Imagine your homeschool without Mom having to be the math teacher! Imagine your children going quietly to the computer with their Saxon math book and having a gentle, softspoken male tutor explain the lesson's concept and working the practice problems on the chalkboard just for them. Imagine no more frustration and tears because things are so very well explained, and they can be re-explained as many times as needed in the same patient tone of voice!

You don't have to imagine any longer, because this is exactly what "D.I.V.E. Into Math" has done for my homeschool! Hurrah! D.I.V.E. means "Digital Interactive Video Education," and what your student will see is the computer screen transformed into a chalkboard and the teacher's chalk writing appearing as he talks and works the problems. I balked at spending $50 to explain an already pricey math book, until I used this fabulous program. Now I say: "It is worth every penny!" I haven't taught math in my homeschool for 2 years now—and my children are doing better in math than they ever have before! Note: you will need the matching Saxon textbook (of the same edition) to use this program. Each level Includes one or two CD-ROMS teaching every lesson in the book!

This DIVE CD plays on Mac and Windows 98 and higher operating systems, including Vista. This is for PC & Mac, 1st Edition.
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