Ebook & MP3 Music: Safety Kids--Protect Their Minds

Ebook & MP3 Music: Safety Kids--Protect Their Minds
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What times we live in! Without frightening children, it is vital to teach them to protect themselves. These catchy songs from Brite Music teach a powerful lesson in personal safety, and one that is not easily forgotten over the years. Sing-along CD comes with quality coloring book illustrating each song, complete with lyrics. Your child will learn his telephone number, what to do if he is lost, not to go to the restroom alone, what parts of his body are private—how to be safe in every situation.

This CD and sing-along activity book approach head-on the problem of exposure to inappropriate material. The Safety Kids will help your child learn to protect himself from unsuitable information through these important safety rules:
-Choose your friends carefully,
-Fill your life with good things,
-If it's bad, look away and turn it off.
The songbook contains sheet music for the 10 songs.
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