Editor in Chief: Grades 6-8

Editor in Chief: Grades 6-8
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We've loved these books. They provide a great way to practice your skills by becoming the "teacher" and marking things wrong! Each lesson teaches skills and then presents an interesting article for you to "grade".  Finding errors is a lot of fun!

Level 2 book for grades 6 to 8 is 160 pages and includes easy-to-understand lessons. The lessons include the following: content, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, adjectives, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, prepositions, interjections, pronouns, verbs, clauses, phases, agreement, confused word pairs, negative words, run-on sentences, and sentence fragments. After learning a lesson, students apply what they learned by sleuthing out mistakes in an interesting article, story or letter that contains errors. Detailed answers are included so you can really understand why the mistakes are wrong. Fabulous practice for creating a great writer!

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