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Encyclopedia of Country Living

Encyclopedia of Country Living
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Everything (and I mean everything) you ever could imagine wanting to know to live self-sufficiently is jammed into almost 900 large pages. This is the book I turn to for recipes, how-to advice, and information on every aspect of doing things yourself. Better than an "old-timer" for help and instructions! Chapters include:
1. Oddments: move to the country, buy land, live self-sufficiently and simply, quilting, cook on a woodstove, start a beehive, make soap.
2. Plants: vegetables from garden to table, saving seeds, improving the soil, raising earthworms, growing mushrooms.
3. Herbs and Spices: cultivate, dry, freeze, store; make cosmetics, forage for wild food.
4. Grains: grow, thresh, winnow, grind all grains. Dry corn. Make pasta. Make your own "grapenuts"! Hundreds of recipes.
5. The Orchard: prune a tree, raise nuts and fruits, press apple cider.
6. Make Foods Last: sun-drying, root cellar, make vinegar.
7. Animals: buy, house, feed, doctor, butcher, breed.
8. Poultry: raise chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks. Pluck and cook.
Paperback, 858 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" format. Very practical, very popular and recommended highly!
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