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Intestinal Cleanse, 1 ounce: Parasite Cleanse Formula for Kids

Intestinal Cleanse, 1 ounce: Parasite Cleanse Formula for Kids
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Kids' Concentrated Liquid Herbs

I am very particular with what I give little children. I am hesitant to give them prescription or even over-the-counter medicines, preferring a natural product instead. I have discovered a brand that I can highly recommend as being fully wholesome and natural, plus they taste good to children! Wow! It takes just a little to do the trick, too—the dosage for a 5 year old is just 1/8 of a teaspoon. Older children take 1/4 teaspoon. Adults can use them very successfully too, with a dose of 1/2 teaspoon. 1 ounce bottle will last you a long time. These special children's formulas are potent and very effective!

More information from our supplier:
Intentinal Cleanse, 1 ounce bottle

A 100% Herbal Formula for Intestinal Parasites -
Helps neutralize and expel unwanted intestinal and systemic parasites. Contains iodides and essential oil components that are known to moderate and/or eliminate parasites. Has a stimulating digestive action that naturally moderates the environment of the digestive system, allowing beneficial flora to flourish that discourage parasite infestations from occurring. Can be used as a preventative as well as for reducing active parasite activity.

Ingredients: Black walnut hull, orange peel, English lavender flower, European pennyroyal leaf/stem/flower, clove bud, gentian root, wormwood leaf/stem, tansy leaf/stem/flower, Liquid Trace Minerals, and a special Aromaceutical Blend in a kosher certified vegetable glycerin/purified water TincTract base.

Dose: 1/4 teaspoon 1 to 4 times a day, as needed.

NOTE: Not recommended for those with autoimmune conditions, or when diarrhea is present.
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