Key to Algebra - Starter Set (Books 1-4 plus answers & notes)

Key to Algebra - Starter Set (Books 1-4 plus answers & notes)
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Very motivational for kids burned out on textbooks, these inexpensive, non-intimidating workbooks teach basic math skills in an easy step-by-step approach. The workbooks look fun to do, begging kids to pull to their pencils and get started. These are great for over-the-summer skill review, or particularly if a certain subject (like fractions) gives them trouble. Each set contains several workbooks and an answer key. Covers the subject from 4th to 12th grade concepts (Geometry is 5th through 12 grade). Guaranteed to be successful with your child or your money back!

Starter Set (Books 1-4 plus Answers and Notes)
1. Operations on integers
2. Variables, terms, and expressions
3. Equations
4. Polynomials
5. Rational numbers
6. Multiplying and dividing rational expressions
7. Adding & subtracting rational expressions
8. Graphs
9. Systems of equations
10. Square roots and quadratic equations

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