Learning the Bill of Rights in Minutes

Learning the Bill of Rights in Minutes
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This is good! This is so good that I used it to teach a Bill of Rights class in our homeschool co-op. It was gratifying listening to the children express their thankfulness for our freedoms as the truths of this great document to protect human rights was taught to them, amendment by amendment. The picture clue charts helped us learn and remember the key points of the Bill of Rights easily—and it is fun! For example, the 9th Amendment (i.e. the people retain their rights not enumerated in the Constitution) is illustrated by a scrolled Constitution which resembles a number 9, along with a colonist holding tight to the letter "R" (his rights). Clever and fun, you'll have the Bill of Rights down cold! Includes charts of the written amendments, illustrated memory charts, notes and teaching aids. Highly recommended!

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