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Muggins really helps you to think fast, do mathematical figuring in your head, and consider many possibilities—all great skills! A tactile delight with its 1" thick hardwood board with holes and grooves and its brightly colored glass marbles, this is a well-made, sturdy game—a good investment that will last long after all the cardboard games in their deflatable boxes have bit the dust. The object of the game is to get your marbles into a row before the other players do the same. Roll 3 dice and add, subtract, multiply, or divide the dice numbers. Then pop your marble into the hole that corresponds with your answer. Many answers are possible for each roll of the dice. Young children will like using the standard dice. A 12-sided die makes it even more challenging for older players. Because chance enters in with the roll of the dice, even the youngest player, not just the smartest, can be the winner. Recommended for ages 9-adult.

Bonus! Knock-Out Game on reverse side of the wooden board!

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