Christian Liberty Nature Readers, Books 1-5

Christian Liberty Nature Readers, Books 1-5
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This set of five nature readers are written from a child’s view with wonder and delight in nature and the animal kingdom. Scientific observations of nature are brought to life in story form, making them fun to read and learn from. Each chapter ends with questions to help the child explain what he has learned. It was in these books that we discovered that the dreaded tomato hornworm comes from the eggs of the large and beautiful hummingbird moth that we frequently see at dusk flitting around our flower beds! An excellent set for science reading. My kids learned so much from these wonderful books! The series progresses through insects, spiders, birds, shellfish, turtles, and more, finally ending with a study of marine animals. Most important is the common theme that everything is a part of God’s wonderful creation. Books correspond to reading level with Book 1 being advanced first grade and book 5 being fifth grade reading level, or read aloud for the enjoyment of the whole family! Paperback books are each about 170-200 pages. 3rd edition. 

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