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Raw Honey, 5 lb

Raw Honey, 5 lb
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Raw alfalfa and clover honey, light amber in color. Has not been heated over 110 deg F in processing. The honey may crystalize, or already be crystalized which happens with all raw honey. The honey can be scooped out for use or melted slowly to preserve its enzymes. To melt again, simply place the container (without the lid) in a pan of water warmed over the stove at very low heat. We place several canning lids between the container and the metal pan. Comes in 5 lb plastic jug container with a screw-top lid.

Honey also has medicinal qualities that make it good for your food storage program. Honey is still used for wound healing today for those who cannot tolerate antibiotic creams. Honey has also been used for centuries as a treatment for sore throats and coughs, and according to recent research may be more effective than most common medicines.* Just mix lemon juice and honey and and take to coat the throat reducing pain and help in healing. A recent study has shown that honey also reduces allergies. **

Grocery store honey has been pasteurized, which cancels its healing properties. Most have sugar or water added to keep the honey free flowing. Raw honey will thicken in time (about 2 months) but it does not effect its properties. It is, in fact, a way that you can be sure you have real raw honey!

(Note: wait until infants are a year old before introducing honey.)

*The Guardian Society 04/12/2007 "Honey beats cough medicine'".

**"Inhibitory Effects of Honey-bee collected pollen on mast cell degranulation In Vivo and In Vitro" 2008 J. Med. Food 11(1):14-20

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