A Reason for Writing-Workbook "C", Grade 3, Cursive

A Reason for Writing-Workbook "C", Grade 3, Cursive
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A Reason for Writing
Penmanship Lessons Based on Scripture Verses
A person's handwriting, just like their personal appearance, says a lot about them! It takes practice to have nice penmanship, but many of the workbooks on the market seemed to offer silly sentences that seem no more than busy work. I love the idea of using scriptures to practice penmanship! What a meaningful way to sharpen penmanship skills!
Each daily lesson takes about 10 minutes and is based on a scripture verse from the Living Bible. While I prefer King James Version, I can tell you that I much prefer my children learning and writing any form of biblical concept, rather than nonsense sentences. So, while your child is practicing handwriting, his mind is also being fed the words of eternal life. And, at the end of each week, the student writes out their scripture verse onto an illustrated border sheet, with graphics to color. Done neatly, this completed project can be given away, or posted for the family to enjoy.
One of the nice features of this program is that kids can manage it themselves, without parent help. Full color write-in workbook has happy illustrations and is child-inviting. Paperback, approx. 150 pages each.

Workbook "C" is for 3rd grade and teaches cursive handwriting.

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