Singapore Math, Primary 2A Home Instructor's Guide

Singapore Math, Primary 2A Home Instructor's Guide
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Singapore Math provides a Home Instructor's Guide for each semester of instruction. This guidebook follows each lesson, providing a concrete demonstration of the lesson concept so that your student can gain understanding before tackling the textbook and workbook. You'll find the answers to all textbook and workbook problems with step-by-step solutions and some alternate solutions to all the word problems. You may use just the Answer Key instead but the guide is recommended. Suggestions for introducing the concepts concretely are given in the guides as well as background notes to the teacher explaining the concepts and how they fit in with the program as a whole, as well as information of what was taught previously. From just looking at the textbooks, it has sometimes been assumed that learning math facts is not required, since the textbooks and workbooks do not include drill on the math facts. Learning math facts is, however, a necessary part of the curriculum and suggestions on how to help students memorize math facts, as well as some mental math sheets are in the guides. Therefore the guides round out the curriculum. Paperback. (Note: Level 1 uses just the Answer Key, as there is no Home Instructor's Guide for Level 1)

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