Singapore Math, Primary 5A Textbook

Singapore Math, Primary 5A Textbook
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Asian students are famous for their mathematical prowess, and these are the books that they use to gain those skills. If you want your child to learn to think mathematically, not just be able to solve math problems, you will be pleased and surprised with how well your student progresses. The textbooks teach the concepts and the workbooks are designed to be done independently by your student, and are paperback, with happy, color illustrations—very kid friendly. We offer the U.S. edition (which has been minimally modified to teach American money and U.S. spellings). Test scores conclusively and repeatedly put Singapore Primary Mathematics in top rank in international tests! Singapore's genius is in a unique pattern of moving from hands-on demonstrations, to picture drawings (concrete examples with pictures) to the abstract (numbers and symbols) in a natural, easy-to-understand progression. Students go right from Singapore level 6 into Saxon Algebra 1 with ease.

At the elementary grade level, Singapore Math includes two semesters of instruction per year, with a paperback textbook (non-consumable) plus a write-in workbook per semester. You may buy extra write-in workbooks for additional students, and share the textbook.

The Home Instructor's Guide will help you teach Singapore math lessons step by step, beginning with a concrete example to help your child understand the concept being taught, plus additional examples and activities. Learning math facts is a necessary part of the curriculum and suggestions on how to help students memorize math facts, as well as some mental math sheets are in the Home Instructor Guide, so it is recommended to round out the curriculum.

For grades 2 and up, the Placement Test will help you determine the exact level needed. Don't get discouraged, as your child may test at a lower level number generally than their current grade in another math program, as Singapore zooms along so quickly. The level numbers don't represent grades. Just start them right off at their proper level (according to the test) and they will soon be up to speed, actually above speed!

Placement Tests are available online to print at no charge:

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