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Spelling by Structure and Sound, Grade 3 Set (Student and Teacher Book)

Spelling by Structure and Sound, Grade 3 Set (Student and Teacher Book)
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Looking for a good solid spelling program? Look no further!  Spelling by sound is the simple phonetic skill of hearing sounds and writing the corresponding letters. Spelling by structure applies regular patterns of word building, such as doubling the consonant to add -ing.

Though the English language has many irregularities and phonetic exceptions, a good grasp of phonics aids correct spelling. The majority of consonant sounds and some vowel sounds are consistently indicated by the same letter. Other sounds have consistent spelling patterns according to position in a word or syllable. About one-half of the words in our vocabulary are phonetic. Most of the remaining half employ spelling patterns (such as oa for long o) and word-building patterns (such as dropping e to add a suffix).

Bible words, characters, and stories appear in the exercises and illustrations, along with examples of Christian conduct. The teacher's manuals provide test sentences for each spelling word, and some guidance for teaching the lesson.  Set includes softcover write-in Student Workbook plus Teacher's Manual.

Grade 3: 34 lessons. 2 pages for each lesson.

Each lesson lists 13 new words and 3 review words, except every sixth lesson which is completely review.

The new word list is presented in type and in cursive writing. Part "A" of the exercises builds understanding of the word meanings. Part "B" deals with the phonetic principles that apply to the words. Part "C" teaches simple dictionary skills.

Skills cover:

1. Beginning Sounds
2. Ending Sounds
3. Short Vowel sounds
4. Beginning Consonant Blends
5. Long Vowel Sounds
6. Review
7. Short Vowel Sounds
8. Double Consonants
9. Consonant Digraphs
10. Long Vowel Sounds
11. Long Vowel Sounds
12. Review
13. Consonant Digraphs and Possessive Nouns
14. Singular and Plural Nouns
15. Verbs With Suffixes -ed and -ing
16. Verbs That Drop e to Add a Suffix
17. Syllables
18. Review
19. Verbs That Double a Consonant to Add a Suffix
20. Spelling /ou/ and /oi/
21. Spelling /ô/
22. Spelling /ôr/ and /ēr/
23. Spelling /är/ and /ār/
24. Review
25. Syllables--VC / CV
26. Contractions and Abbreviations
27. Books of the Bible
28. Compound Words
29. Spelling /ėr/
30. Review
31. Spelling /k/ and /kw/
32. Spelling /ks/
33. Spelling /oo/ and /o͞o/
34. Review
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