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Spelt, biologically grown non-GMO 10 lb bag

Spelt, biologically grown non-GMO 10 lb bag
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I like spelt, an important staple in parts of Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times. Spelt is an ancient grain that resembles wheat, but with a nuttier and slightly sweeter flavor than whole wheat, and contains more protein than wheat. Spelt protein is easier to digest than wheat protein, so many people can tolerate spelt products even if they are allergic to regular wheat products. Spelt has less calories, but more niacin and riboflavin than wheat. I like to add spelt to my diet as a break from wheat, plus it has unique nutrition that makes it a quality food!

Use spelt flour to replace some or all of the whole wheat in your recipes. Spelt can be sprouted to add to soups or salads. It can also be milled into flour and made into muffins or bread. Use my favorite bread recipe with this modification: knead the bread dough gently (by machine on the lowest setting) for just 5 minutes. The bread dough will feel like silly putty (sorry, that's the best description I can come up with!) Continue with the recipe and your end result will be delicious nutty tasting spelt bread. My family cannot really tell it apart from wheat bread, but it is great for those with wheat allergies. Biologically grown, Non-GMO.
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