Standin' Tall Character Training to Music Set of all 12 eBook and MP3 Downloads

Standin' Tall Character Training to Music Set of all 12 eBook and MP3 Downloads
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I love the cheery, value-teaching songs and motivating stories that these wonderful read-along book/audio sets provide. In fact, they have been a integral part of my child-raising. Each CD contains a unique, original story with modern-day children as characters. Happy songs with easy-to-remember tunes and lyrics are included within the story. The follow-along storybook opens to a full-page drawing (suitable for coloring) on each spread, as well as the text of the story and the words to the songs. My children love these and listen to them over and over again, learning these wonderful character-building songs! My favorite set is "Obedience." The children in the story accidentally end up in the Land of Disobey, where no one keeps any rules and everything goes haywire. I often find myself singing the song, "Better Obey Your Mother" (from this set) to my children to help them remember to obey. What great lessons for young ones! Virtue-building fun for ages 3-10 years.

Complete set of 12 Ebooks + Audiobook Downloads.

Includes the following:

#1: Obedience Ebook and Audiobook

#2: Honesty Ebook and Audiobook

#3: Forgiveness Ebook and Audiobook

#4: Work Ebook and Audiobook

#5: Courage Ebook and Audiobook

#6: Happiness Ebook and Audiobook

#7: Gratitude Ebook and Audiobook

#8: Love Ebook and Audiobook

#9: Service Ebook and Audiobook

#10: Cleanliness Ebook and Audiobook

#11: Self Esteem Ebook and Audiobook

#12: Dependability Ebook and Audiobook

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