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Story of the World, Volume 2 Middle Ages Reading Book

Story of the World, Volume 2 Middle Ages Reading Book
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Introduce your children to the real story of our world and all its civilizations down through time with this excellent course! These unique books, written by the author of The Well-Trained Mind, Susan Wise Bauer, give a comprehensive look at the history of the people who have lived on planet earth. Meant to be listened to on CDs or read aloud, these chapter stories are exciting and interesting. Black-and-white maps, illustrations, and tales from each culture make history a fascinating story your children will truly enjoy. Paperback, 336 pages each, for ages 5 to 11 years.

Who discovered chocolate? What happened to the giant favor of the Mighty Blows? Why did the Ottoman Turks drag their war ships across dry land? Covers the fall of Rome to the rise of the Renaissance, from 400 to 1600 A.D.

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