Teaching Self-Government, Set of 4 Picture Books

Teaching Self-Government, Set of 4 Picture Books
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Do you have trouble at your house with children who say "just a minute", who don't obey or follow through when you ask them to do things, who whine and pout, or who throw a fit when things don't go their way? Learning to obey is such a foundational, basic skill. These cheerfully illustrated hardcover picture books are a great teaching tool, and sure to be a family favorite! 30 pages, full color drawings for ages 3-8 years. 

Londyn LaRae Says Okay
Little Londyn LaRae just can't seem to say "okay" when told to do chores or take on responsibilities. She seems to always get distracted. As Londyn goes throughout her week, she learns a great way to remember the steps to following instructions and gives is a try. I like the way this book empowers children, teaching them the skills they need to win a parent's approval and feel good about their actions. 

Porter Earns a Quarter
Porter whines and pouts whenever he gets a "no" answer or something doesn't go his way. This charming story is about how Porter learns the steps to accepting "no" and disappointments. He creates what he calls his "happiness plan" with Grandpa and Mom's help, and learns that accepting "no" answers can feel good. This charming picture book teaches great lessons in its fun, rhyming story. It's sure to be a story your children will ask for again and again. 

Big Win for Quinn
Ten-year-old Quin has a problem not being able to accept consequences. He doesn't think things are his fault and looks for someone else to blame. When he earns natural or synthetic consequences, like extra chores, he doesn't stay calm. He yells, pouts and can't drop the subject.

Paije Takes the Stage
What is disagreeing appropriately? Just as eight year old Paije. Little Paije likes to disagree. The problem is that she doesn't do it appropriately. She yells and whines and even pouts, but doesn't really know how to work her problems out.
If you want your children to have a voice, but still be respectful and self-governed while expressing themselves, this story is a must read. See Paije transform her behaviors, her relationships and her heart by learning the skill called "disagreeing appropriately." This little skill saves the day and the play that Paije has the star role in. What amazing things will happen at your home when you teach and reinforce the four basic skills with Paije Takes the Stage?

If there is a key lesson in learning self-government, it is this skill. If a child can't accept a consequence he can't learn to self-govern, because what happened will always be someone else's fault. He will always think in terms of other people having the power to make him happy or sad, instead of possessing the power to control his own responses himself.

If there is one skill parents forget to teach and be consistent about, it is this one. Parents who don't teach children to accept consequences end up tolerating all kinds of tantrums and attitude problems when they shouldn't. If a family doesn't learn the skill little Quin learned in this book, to accept consequences, then neither the children nor the parents will be free from emotional bondage or find happiness.

Enjoy this rhyming story and captivating, colorful artwork again and again with your children as you learn important life skills for happy relationships at the same time.
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