Usborne Medieval World Internet-Linked, paperback

Usborne Medieval World Internet-Linked, paperback
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This is what I use to teach medieval history, teamed with the book Story of the Middle Ages. From the big battles to kings and warriors, from peasants to palaces, this lavishly illustrated book is a visual feast and full of information on the medieval world. Follow the Crusades to the Holy Land, explore China with Marco Polo and visit a Mayan ball game. Find out how a knight trained for battle, who invented fireworks and who the Vandals were. Excellent color illustrations, photographs, maps and more! History is presented according to civilization geographically (rather than jumping from nation to nation chronologically), making it so much easier to follow and remember. Another incredible feature is that it is internet-linked! You can visit age-appropriate internet sites from reputable universities and museums throughout the world and get up-to-date information and exciting activities. Usborne reviews all links and keeps them up-to-date. Paperback, ages 11 to adult.
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