Whatever Happened to Justice?

Whatever Happened to Justice?
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This insightfully clear description of common law, justice, and economics is so helpful in a day when our legal system is no longer always judging right from wrong. The principles so lucidly taught in this book are completely in harmony with the views of the Founding Fathers. Written as letters that answer questions, the author tells how common law in this country was founded. Common law judges formed laws, for example: 1) Do all you have agreed to do and, 2) Do not encroach on other persons or their property. An interesting note—those who didn’t comply and were found to be “outside the law,” had no protection by the common law, and came to be known as “outlaws,” The description of those persons who had decided to be an outlaw would be widely publicized. Then anyone could hunt them down and enslave them, or kill them; it was all outside the court’s business, the outlaw had made his choice. Includes many interesting descriptions. This book helps us return to our roots and examine the foundations on which our beliefs and actions are based. Paperback, 254 pages, for grade 5 and up.

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