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Whole Foods for the Whole Family

Whole Foods for the Whole Family
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La Leche League (the breast-feeding moms' group) did what it takes a lifetime to do-gather recipes from mothers all over the nation who have converted over to whole foods (meaning whole grains rather than refined flours, and honey or fruit sweeteners instead of sugar). My copy of this excellent cookbook is bedraggled and beloved. Now, it has been printed with a hard cover and large spiral binding so yours won't wear out like mine did! All 900 recipes have passed the taste test and are wholesome and nutritious. Quick and complete, make-it-from-scratch instructions make this valuable indeed. This book's "Making Your Own" section taught me how to make my own cream of mushroom soup, granola, enchilada sauce, and buttermilk. Instructions are also given on how to cook all the grains and beans, and what to serve them with to create a protein complement. Besides your normal cookbook sections of breads, main dishes (meat and meatless), and desserts, wonderful information is also included on breakfasts, lunch recipes, baby's first foods, non-allergenic recipes, sprouting, and using natural food dyes for Easter eggs or in cooking. I have often referred to the quick meals listed in the section entitled, "When It's 4 o'clock" to find out what I can scurry together for dinner. You will use it daily—one of my favorite cookbooks! 364 pages.
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