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Wordly Wise 3000: Book 12

Wordly Wise 3000: Book 12
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Three thousand carefully selected words taken from literature and the SAT tests are the basis of this program that teaches new words through reading and writing exercises and a variety of fun activities. Designed with a 10 minute learning activity per weekday, each lesson is completed in one week. The 15 word vocabulary list begins with a glossary defining the words. Then exercises follow—filling-in-the-blank to match a phrase to the word, matching each word to a situation, constructing sentences using the new words, etc. Each lesson ends by reading a narrative about topics in the sciences, arts and humanities that includes all the new vocabulary words in context. The "Wordly Wise" section gives interesting histories of the words and points out commonly confused words and their meanings. Vocabulary words are reviewed from previous lessons by way of crossword puzzles and hidden message puzzles. Online access to a quiz game to help students master their vocabulary words is provided by way of a code in the book.  Books are 168 pages. Answer Key sold separately.  For Grade 12.  4th Edition.

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