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Hands-on Equations-Making Algebra Child's Play!

Hands-on Equations-Making Algebra Child's Play!

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Hands-on Equations is an innovative teaching method which was even awarded a U.S. patent. Studies show this visual, hands-on system really works! For 3rd - 8th grade, and for older children who are stumped with algebra.


Manuals for 3 levels of difficulty
Write-in worksheets pack
Answer key for worksheets
Game pieces
Flat laminated balance

This is fun to teach to 2 children at the same time. Give them each a kit (additional kit sold below) and an equation from the worksheet pack. Let them race to lay out the game pieces and find the solution. The first one to reach an answer gets the opportunity to demonstrate working the problem, provided his answer is correct!

More info:

Can your child solve this equation?

2 (x + 4) + x + 2x + 9 = ?

Well, my "math-hater" can!

Hands-on Equationsð is the best-kept secret for teaching Algebra! I discovered it about a year ago, and have been kid-testing it to make sure it was as great as I am going to tell you it is. Louisa flew through the whole course happily--a huge accomplishment. She can do equations faster than I can slice bread. . . and with a smile on her face! Hands-on Equations is the mastermind of a math professor, and works amazingly well for teaching children as young as 8 years old how to do complex algebraic equations using playing pieces and a balance scale, understanding just what they are doing too! I have to admit that as Louisa neared the end of the course, I was no longer able to keep up with her flying fingers, as she solved her equations using the playing pieces quick as can be! Watch this video of Hands-on Equations in action and see if it could make the difference in your homeschool!