Flying Things

Klutz: Flying Paper DragonsKlutz: Flying Paper Dragons
Boomerang: YellowBoomerang: Yellow
Boomerang: RedBoomerang: Red
Boomerang: MagentaBoomerang: Magenta
Superdisc: YellowSuperdisc: Yellow
Superdisc: RedSuperdisc: Red
Superdisc: GreenSuperdisc: Green
Superdisc: BlueSuperdisc: Blue
Sprint Ring 10" YellowSprint Ring 10" Yellow
Sprint Ring 10" RedSprint Ring 10" Red
Sprint Ring 10" MagentaSprint Ring 10" Magenta
Pro Ring 13" RedPro Ring 13" Red
Pro Ring 13" YellowPro Ring 13" Yellow
Pro Ring 13" MagentaPro Ring 13" Magenta
Squidgie Disc: YellowSquidgie Disc: Yellow
Squidgie Disc: Glow in the DarkSquidgie Disc: Glow in the Dark
Squidgie Disc: GreenSquidgie Disc: Green
Squidgie Disc: RedSquidgie Disc: Red
Squidgie Disc: BlueSquidgie Disc: Blue
Dragonflies, set of 12Dragonflies, set of 12
Frisbee Without the Ouch! - 16" MiniFrisbee Without the Ouch! - 16" Mini
Frisbee Without the Ouch!--20"Frisbee Without the Ouch!--20"
Frisbee Without the Ouch!--30" GiantFrisbee Without the Ouch!--30" Giant
Sky GliderzSky Gliderz
The Klutz Book of Paper AirplanesThe Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes
Klutz Star Wars Folded FlyersKlutz Star Wars Folded Flyers
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