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3rd Grade Writing Program: Cursive Handwriting + Building Writers D + Writing Journal D

3rd Grade Writing Program: Cursive Handwriting + Building Writers D + Writing Journal D
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I like this complete handwriting and beginning composition writing program for your 3rd grader. Set of 3 workbooks cover all the skills you need to teach. Easy to use, fun for kids.

Set includes:

Cursive Handwriting

Lessons emphasize the correct use of lowercase letters in words and sentences. Activity pages combine handwriting instruction with other language arts lessons. Practice pages teach writing on different styles of lines.

Building Writers D

Third grade students practice three writing styles:

  • Narrative: Students introduce a narrator and characters; write about an event with an organized sequence; use dialogue description and detail; and provide a sense of closure
  • Information: Students share and explain information (such as facts, definitions, and topic details) by introducing a topic and providing a concluding sentence or paragraph
  • Opinion: Students write an introduction that clearly states an opinion, provide clear and organized supporting reasons for the opinion, and write a concluding sentence or paragraph
Writing Journal D 
Wide double lines and space for drawing give your beginning writer extra daily practice. 80 pages.
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