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Teach Any Child to Spell - Complete Set

If you happen to be a person with a strong visual memory, you remember how words look. You write a word and take a look at it. You say, "That looks funny. Let me try it a different way." But poor spellers can't recall how a word should look. The teacher's guide How to Teach Any Child to Spell offers a simple solution to the problem: pull the child's own misspelled words from the context of his own writing. Categorize and study those words using the child's individualized spelling notebook called Tricks of the Trade. The student book is a large, 90-page workbook that helps your child learn all the spelling tricks as he gleans and sorts misspelled words from his own writing.  Student book is 3-hole-punched so it can fit right in your child's binder. Much needed relief for poor spellers and frustrated moms!

Set includes How to Teach Any Child to Spell teacher's guide, and Tricks of the Trade student book.

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Robinson Crusoe Reader

I love this reader for young ones!  The classic Christian story of Robinson Crusoe has entriqued people for generations and this very simplified copy is delightful! Each chapter has thought questions at the end. A wonderful first chapter book.

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The classic story of Tom Sawyer's thrilling adventures. Full unabridged edition includes craft project: build your own paper steamboat model. Paperback, 11 years and up.

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Meet the Master Composers!

This is our favorite way to learn about the musical masters! What a simple way to bring some cultural refinement into your homeschool without any effort on your part. The narrated life story of the composer is interspersed with excerpts of his greatest works. Our whole family (8 years to adult) especially enjoys the story-like narration. Each CD recording ends with the performance of one of the composer's famous pieces.  Highly recommended!

The Story of Schubert

The Story of Hayden

The Story of Wagner

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