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Preschool Curriculum Kit

Ages: 3-4 yrs.

Grade: Preschool

Do you have a 3 or 4 year old that is itching to "do school too?!" This kit will keep your little one happy and busily learning! Starting with developing fine motor skills and power of perception that will set the foundation for reading, and progressing through simple counting, ABC's, cutting and tracing, your preschooler will have fun and learn! This kit will "buy" you some free hours daily to homeschool your older children—while your young one is busy and learning!

"All Set for Preschool" Curriculum Kit includes:

Pattern Block Activity Cards  

20 colorful sturdy activity cards have pattern block outlines. Works great with the magnet board too! 8-5/8 x 11" Skill level Pre K-3.


200 Magnet Pattern Blocks  

Oh, what a great product! Magnetic backed foam pattern blocks won't shift while children place them. Use a Magnet Board (or a cookie sheet) as a work surface, lay a Pattern Block Activity Card on top, and the magnetic blocks will stick right on the puzzle page! A very fun way to enjoy pattern blocks! 200 standard sized pattern blocks.


1 to 20 Dot to Dot 

Join the dots in large, clear numerical sequence from 1 to 20 to reveal the picture. Color picture to complete!


Math Play  

Start your little ones on the right track with math play! Through fun activities and games, your young one will become confident with numbers and math concepts. Includes shape hopscotch, sew-up numbers, card games, counting rhymes, and more. Paperback, black and white drawings, 142 pages for ages 2 to 6 years.


My First Book of Tracing 

Here are the ideal activity pages on excellent quality paper with colorful graphics. Developed by an Asian company to give kids the cutting edge with an early start in education and skills. These thick workbooks are a preschooler's or kindergartner's mother's dream-come-true! One page is enough to keep your preschooler busily working and happy for 15-20 minutes a bargain indeed! Kids love them, and you'll be amazed at the fine motor skill development you will see! This beginning-level book provides children with opportunities to learn to manipulate a pencil skillfully. Simple and fun drawing exercises start with vertical straight lines, and then gradually shift to more difficult lines, such as curves, zigzags, and diagonal lines, providing children with an ideal preparation for learning to write letters and numbers. Ages 2-4 years. 80 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" on high quality paper.


My Book of Easy Mazes 

After you finish My Book of Tracing, progress onto this second book offering more advanced tracing exercises. Tracing their way through these colorful mazes will help children build more confidence in their fine motor skills, thereby preparing them to begin writing.


My First Book of Cutting 

I was thrilled to discover this book, because it is exactly what I had been hand-drawing in my homeschool for my preschoolers to help them practice manual dexterity through using scissors. Little ones will gradually learn how to control scissors through step-by-step projects that advance from easy shapes to more complex cutting patterns. Excellent prep for handwriting, plus wonderful fun for preschoolers!


Early Learning Workbooks Set 

I love these delightful Christian workbooks for the variety of activities they provide for beginning writer/readers and their nice illustrations and crisp white paper (not the normal newsprint workbook paper). Brief parent instructions are included in the back of each book to help you lead your little one along in cutting, coloring, pasting, following directions, and working neatly. Set of 6 books: "Adventures with Books" teaches colors and shapes through fun activities. "Bible Pictures" has realistic line drawings of Bible stories a special coloring book. Each page has a title describing the Bible story plus the scripture verse numbers. "Counting with Numbers" helps little ones learn numbers 1-10. In "Do it Carefully", tracing lines progresses into writing the letters and learning the sounds of the alphabet letters. "Everywhere We Go" includes colors, counting 1 to 10, letter writing, and learning alphabet sounds. "Finding the Answers" teaches the use of thinking skills such as identifying sequence and making comparisons, along with teaching rhyming words.  Buy it here.

I Love America Part 1: Book + CD 

A favorite with homeschool families! I love this fun introduction to American History for young ones. It takes so little preparation on my part and the kids thoroughly enjoy the lessons. "I Love America" contains a monthly theme lesson: "Columbus and the discovery of America", "Why I Like Being an American", "Washington and Valley Forge", "Ben Franklin", "Thomas Jefferson", "Pocahontas", etc. complete with illustrated stories, art activities, songs, poems, and more. We especially enjoyed learning the Preamble to the Constitution in sign language. There is also a coloring page for each of the 50 states that teaches the state's bird, flower, tree, chief product, and other information. 300 pages, spiral bound, for ages 4 to 10 years. Comes with 2 CDs: Activity and Music. Activity CD has games, activities, and sheet music of songs on the Music Cd. Music CD has songs that correspond to "I Love America" Book 1 and 2.


Big Book of Play and Find Out Science Projects 

Introduce your children to the fun of science with this happy book by bestselling author Janice Van Cleave. Contains 50 simple, fun experiments each in physical science, nature, bugs and human body (200 total experiments). Each easy experiment includes drawings, a list of easy around-the-house materials and simple instructions. Find out why your hair doesn't hurt when it gets cut, why your fingertips have ridges, why you can see your breath when it is cold, and more. A good science curriculum for young ones! Paperback, 211 pages, for children 4 to 7 years old.