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SwimModest Business is For Sale

For 18 years, we have filled a niche market with our quality USA-made modest swimsuits.
If you are looking for a business to operate, this might be your great opportunity!

I am looking for someone excited about offering modest, quality swimsuits to a unique
and eager market.

Here is what I can offer you:

* Custom patterns, developed over two decades of swimsuit design
* Sources for sewing construction here in the USA
* Sourcing for fabric and notions
* Shipping fulfillment services
* "Swim Modest" domain name, logo, database and website
* My personal help!

Although we have sold thousands of swimsuits, we have never advertised beyond our
website. People are looking for this unique swimsuit and search us out. We have
always had a waiting list for our suits. If you did some advertising, you could
build this into an amazing business! I want Swim Modest to carry on, so that people
have a fashionable, comfortable alternative to the swimsuits being offered
in the stores.

Please contact me at customerservice@swimmodest.com if you are interested!

Thank you!

Diane Hopkins
Suit Designer