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Biology 101 Series, 4 DVD Set - Complete Year of Science for High School Level

Biology 101 Series, 4 DVD Set - Complete Year of Science for High School Level

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This 4 disc DVD course is geared for ages 12 through adult teaching a complete overview of the world of biology from a Christian perspective, which is a very refreshing change! This is not a stuffy lecture, but an engaging look at the creations of this earth, up close and personal, based on the days of creation fro Genesis. Wes Olson, homeschool father, film maker and Christian, leads you through the study of biology complete with interesting scenery, videos of animals, and more. The set is accompanied by a printable (pdf) 114 page guidebook, allowing the student to easily review all the information covered in the movie. Each guidebook segment includes a multiple choice quiz and discussion questions. A 12-page "Course Accreditation Program" booklet is included for those families who want a year-long biology course.

Wes guides you through the world of biological science, unraveling and decoding terms and ideas. Not homeschooling? Biology 101 is even more essential to help your children see what they learn in school through a Christian persepctive!

Biology 101 includes:
Disc 1
Defining Life and LIfe Classification

Disc 2
Aquatic Creatures
Avian Creatures

Disc 3
Land Animals, Part 1
Land Animals, Part 2
Mankind, Part 1
Mankind, Part 2

Disc 4
Genetics: A Brief History of Biology

Following a sound Biblical format, Biology 101 is scientifically accurate, presented with reverence to God, filled with insight and humor, and highly recommended for the homeschool family!

Try out this Biology course and if you are not excited and delighted, we'll refund your money. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Click on the video below to see an overview: