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Families. . . aren't they the greatest!?

Our company exists to help you create an educationally and spiritually enriching environment in your home, where your children will flourish! This work of raising children is so-o-o-o important!

We are unique in that we don't sell everything on the market, but carefully select and offer only tried-and-true products that have passed the test with our own children in our homeschool. We are here to help you succeed as parents!

To your homeschooling success!









Rick & Diane Hopkins


Welcome to the Hopkins family:

Rick & Diane Hopkins + children + a few of our grandkids!

Daniel & Melissa: Rebekah, Abigail, Isaac, Elizabeth and Christina
Nathan & Melanie: Rachel, Christian, Joseph, Annalie, Samuel (Marian, Rosalie)
Mark & Jessie: Matthew, (Jacob, Eden)
Julianna & Michael: (Porter, Hyrum, Elijah, Joshua)
Emily & Jordan
Ammon, Louisa

Our 7 grown children:
(back) Ammon, Mark, Emily, Louisa
(front) Julianna, Nate and Daniel

Ammon, Emily, Daniel

Kids & Grandkids: Rebekah, Emily, Louisa, Abigail

Welcome to our home!

Gotta have a trike out front!

Kids & Grandkids: Rebekah, Emily, Louisa, Abigail