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My hope is to simplify homeschooling for you...to help you find the best resources for teaching your children.  I homeschooled my own 7 children, and taught many others. I reviewed thousands of products over the past two decades. I offer to you what I consider the best of the best in products to use in educating your family.

Please note: Covid 19 has drastically reduced supplies, so while some of the products are out of stock, they will show a "Buy it on Amazon" link. Please benefit from my recommendations, and thank you for clicking through to buy from Amazon...the link provides me a very small commission.

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        Teach Any Child To Spell--Complete Set

Teach Any Child To Spell--Complete Set   60% OFF!

If you happen to be a person with a strong visual memory, you remember how words look. You write a word and take a look at it. You say, "That looks funny. Let me try it a different way." But poor spellers can't recall how a word should look. The teacher's guide How to Teach Any Child to Spell offers a simple solution to the problem: pull the child's own misspelled words from the context of his own writing. Categorize and study those words using the child's individualized spelling notebook called Tricks of the Trade. This student book is a large, 90-page workbook that helps your child learn all the spelling tricks as he gleans and sorts misspelled words from his own writing. You'll need only one teacher's guide, but buy a Tricks of the Trade spelling book for each child. Student book is 3-hole-punched so it can fit right in your child's binder. Much needed relief for poor spellers and frustrated moms!

Set includes How to Teach Any Child to Spell teacher's guide, and Tricks of the Trade student book.

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Fall Time Dot Marker Sheets

 If you've got dot markers, here's some fun activity sheets featuring an autumn theme. Dot markers provide a mess-free way for little ones to "paint".  50 sheets feature fall time.
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Robinson Crusoe Reader

I love this reader for young ones!  The classic Christian story of Robinson Crusoe has delighted people for generations and this very simplified copy is delightful!

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"I received the Happy Phonics and my daughter loves this program so much! Even my 3 year old son wants to get involved. (Come to think of it, even my 36 year old husband can't walk past without "helping" to match the muffins up!)"
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"After years of listening to all my friends, I came across your books on homeschooling (cleaned out a closet) and reread them. You got me back on track and making school fun again. I can say I am honestly sticking with you from now on. You are so honest and real. I love the way you homeschool."

"Thank you SO much for SIMPLIFYING homeschooling for me!  There is just so much out there, on the internet, etc....really, just too much to wade through. Your tried-and-true recommendations are always spot on.  It only takes a few great resources to have a wonderfully joyful educational experience. I so so so appreciate you teaching me that less is more! 
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