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Happy Phonics with FREE Robinson Crusoe Reader

Happy Phonics with FREE Robinson Crusoe Reader

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Buy a copy of Happy Phonics and get a FREE copy of my favorite beginning reader: The Robinson Crusoe Reader ($10 value)

When my son Ammon was a very bright, wiggly and energetic 5-year-old, he couldn't seem to get interested in workbooks or sit still for lessons. The only way I could get his attention long enough to teach him to read was to play games with him. Over the years, these games have evolved into an easy, happy way to teach children to read, from the very first step (learning the ABC song) through advanced phonics and spelling.

Simple, yet entertaining and educational, these phonics games are printed on colorful, sturdy cardstock ready to cut out. Included is a mother-friendly guidebook which contains the details on how I teach phonics and reading, how to pronounce and teach the phonics sounds, how to make your own simple beginning readers, and step-by-step teaching info for each phonics sound.

Happy Phonics covers beginning to advanced phonics and is the sum total of my experience. My children enjoy the games and never really realize that they are drilling phonics sounds! Enjoy learning games, little books, and activities as well as a 76-page beginning reader, My Big Book. Use with the Explode the Code Primers for a complete manuscript handwriting and phonics course.

I think you will be very pleased with the pain-free, rapid reading results! I guarantee you will love it and your child will learn to read, or I'll send your money right back--happily! (Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, please return Happy Phonics within 90 days, with a note telling me what didn't work for you--I'll want to improve it! Return shipping is not covered, but if you send it media mail, it is only a few dollars.)

I am excited and surprised to report that Happy Phonics was selected for the prestigious "Cathy Duffy's Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum" award!

Author: Diane Hopkins

Hear what others say:
Games! What a brilliant way to teach a child to read. My kids absolutely love and beg for "phonics time" at our house!

"My daughter was a little annoyed when I got out the muffin match game since she says she "already knows the letters", but after a few different activities, any time I tell her it is time to work on phonics, she excitedly yells "Let's do the muffin match game!" Thanks for helping make homeschool so fun!"

"I just wanted to tell you how much we are all enjoying our new Happy Phonics program! My 4-year-old walks around singing "happy phonics, happy phonics," my 6-year-old is enjoying the little books and my creative 8-year-old is starting to read! Hallelujah! I am just loving to teach them and they are truly loving to learn. I love everything that we bought! I am so thankful for you providing these products!"

"I love Happy Phonics! I bought the program 6 or so years ago and I am currently using it for the third time with my latest K student. :) I recently purchased your literature journal program and it has changed our english studies forever! My 10 and 7 year old daughters are writing pages of stuff when only last month I had to fight them to write a complete sentence. You have made learning fun for our family for many years. Thank you. —Melanie"

My kids really, really like learning phonics now that we are using Happy Phonics! Thanks for making such a fun phonics program!


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