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Virxcan Salve

Virxcan Salve

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The Original Black Salve

I've personally tried all the black salves, and searched hard to locate this one...the original formula, received from the Native Americans during the Great Depression, and handed down from generation to generation.  I can tell you, it works!!!

For those suffering from moles, warts, tumors or cancerous growths, this salve is incredible! Just the amount that fits on the end of a toothpick is applied directly to the growth. After a few days it reddens, becomes quite sore, and then comes out by the roots. Beats surgery! Many people (including me!) have had dramatic results with this hard-to-find and powerful product. The name Virxcan suggests that it is death (X) to viruses and cancers. 1 ounce jar. Non-returnable. This item can ship to Alaska and Hawaii also.

Virxcan Salve Contents: calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, 12 trace minerals blended in a proprietary base of synergistic herbs. For external use only.

"I have just finished a treatment of a mole removal with your product, Virxcan Sun Skin Salve and Colloidal Silver. I had very great success and am thankful for the product."
—M.S., Texas

VirXcan Instructions:

VirXcan is a powerful herbal remedy for skin conditions such as moles, warts, or growths. I have personally used Virxcan and found it to be amazing!

Here are the instructions I followed when I used it to remove a sore mole on my arm: I put the ointment on by applying it with the end of a toothpick just to the mole only. Try not to get it on the skin around the mole—only apply it to the area that you want removed. After applying, cover it with a bandaid. The herbs will do their work and your body will do the rest to rid you of it. I re-applied the salve each morning and re-bandaged it for 3 consecutive days. Then I took the bandaid off and left it open to the air.

At first it seems like nothing happened, but after about 5 days, I noticed it was swelling and the area to which I applied the salve was white and the area directly around it was very red. It became sore and a bit swollen. Then it scabbed after awhile, and then after about 2 weeks, the mole came out along with the scab when I accidentally itched it. It left a small hole in my arm, but it soon filled in. Now I have a small white spot where the mole used to be and the mole is gone.

The ointment works amazingly well! Don't be afraid of it. I don't think the instruction details matter as much as getting the salve onto the mole for a few days repeated and covered, and the air helps the scab form and it will come off when it is ready.


1. If the salve seems dry, add a couple of drops of water and stir before you apply it. A moist paste is most effective for application purposes. Apply a thin layer of salve to cover only the affected area. You may use petroleum jelly or liquid Vitamin E on the gauze portion of a Band-Aid to cover the salve, if desired. If you are allergic to tape, try Micropore by 3M.

2. Leave the Band-Aid on for 24 before re-applying. It may burn or sting during this time or you may feel nothing at all.

3. Re-apply for 3 days in a row. You may see a red and grayish swelling. This is normal.

4. After 3 days, clean the area gently with a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, or run cold water over it. In a few days, a scab will form.

4. When the scab starts to pull away from the surrounding skin, apply colloidal silver on some gauze or cotton cloth and tape it over the area to help pull the scab out by the roots and prevent infection. The scab may take anywhere from one to seven weeks to remove itself. To prevent scarring, be careful not to dislodge it prematurely.

5. In order for the salve to work most effectively on deeper layers of a more profoundly affected area, you may need to gently scrape the area before applying the salve.

6. Occasionally, a second application of the salve will be necessary.

* After you remove the first Band-Aid, should any discomfort occur, soak the area with peroxide for 20 minutes at a time to alleviate pain.
* It is advisable to use the salve on an area other than the face for the first time, so you can experience the salve's functional properties.
* Keep the salve from making contact with metal objects to maintain the effectiveness of the product over time.
*Product may appear dried out and crumbly. It is still effective and vital. Simply moisten with one drop of water, stir with the tip of a toothpick, and use to apply.