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General Science 101: 4-DVD High-School Level Science Course
General Science 101: 4-DVD High-School Level Science Course

General Science 101: 4-DVD High-School Level Science Course

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We have used—and absolutely loved!—these science courses on DVDs!  

Wes Olson, host of The 101 Series, presents the amazing breadth of science in God's world. This DVD course is an easy-to-use, understandable and visually rich curriculum designed specifically for ages 15 years and up, although my entire family enjoyed it and even our 8 year old understood a lot and paid attention. 

This 4 DVD set contains a visually rich, faith-based overview of God’s scientific world. Wes presents each of the sciences as separate rooms in a mansion, creating an easy way for students to follow along and understand the world of science and the part it plays in their everyday lives.

These 14 individual segments run from 22-44 minutes. An interesting and fact-filled 75-page Guidebook with quizzes covering each segment is included as a printable (digital PDF) on Disc D.

Here's how I use these DVD courses: Print off one guidebook for each student, which they will use in a fill-in-the-blank format after watching the DVD lesson. Also print off the quizzes and lab information. Put these in a binder, start the DVD, and you'll have a very complete and thrilling basic science course for every student in your family!  Easy to understand and interesting. Far better than a textbook course!

Highly recommended!

Disc A

  1. Introduction (22 min.)

Natural Science (Physical Science)

  1. Physics - God’s Physical World (33 min.)
  2. Chemistry - God’s Chemical World (35 min.)
  3. Astronomy - The Heavens (39 min.)

Disc B

Earth Science

  1. Geology - Earth (34 min.)
  2. Oceanography - Water (30 min.)
  3. Our Atmosphere - The Air We Breathe (35 min.)

Disc C

Life Science

  1. Biology - Human and Animal Life (38 min.)

Social Science

  1. Sociology & Psychology - Human Relationships (40 min.)
  2. Economics - Being Thrifty (42 min.)
  3. Political Science - Running the City (42 min.)

Disc D

  1. Humanities - Human Culture (36 min.)
  1. Formal Science - Math, Computers & Logic (42 min.)
  2. Applied Science - Technology (44 min.)

Printable Guidebook and Accreditation Booklet (digital PDF)


General Science contains more than 45 hours of lab work!
These labs are designed to keep your student engaged in what they are learning. All lab names, segments, film instruction times and materials lists are in the included Accreditation Program (digital PDF on Disc D)