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Life of Fred Language Arts: Begin Teaching

Life of Fred Language Arts: Begin Teaching

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Need something creative, fun and exciting for high school students when teaching English? This is it! Life of Fred is known for its artsy, out-of-the-box thinking! Four books make up the series. Do one each year of high school or go as fast as you want. Each book is an entertaining story disguising a lot of Language Arts knowledge! Amazing and engaging! 

The second book of the Life of Fred Language Arts Series, Begin Teaching covers:

Ninth way to make plurals
Since can be ambiguous
The whole point of English
Consonants as defined by air flow
Location of a comma changes the meaning
Eleven ways to make plurals
Run-on sentences
Comma splices
Appositive phrase
Iambic foot
Trochaic, anapestic, and dactylic feet
Twelfth way to make plurals
Three ways to fix a comma splice
Eager vs. anxious
Not looking at the spelling of a word to decide whether to use a or an
Long vowels
Twenty-two words that don’t contain a, e, i, o, or u
Affect and effect as verbs
Affect and effect as nouns
Nouns defined
Lie vs. lay
Transitive and intransitive verbs
Pronouns defined
Scare quotes
Sixteen ways to make plurals
Numbers—when to use words and when to use numerals
Subject-verb agreement when there is a compound subject
Literary symbolism
One hundred best first lines from novels
Dictionary vs. thesaurus
Conjugation of a verb in three tenses
The three cases in which a preposition is capitalized in a book title
The two numbers in English (singular and plural—I and we) and the three numbers in Russian
Six tenses in English
Correction: 12 tenses in English

Unlike all other language arts programs, this one also teaches about:

Meter = 39 inches
Green’s Theorem in Space
14ºC = 57ºF
What the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar have in common
5 cm = 2 inches
The Australian Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act
What some people “know”
Making “happy as a clam” make sense
Cardinality of a set
When to use du and when to use Sie in German
What it means to be a graduate student
Should the saying be, “The early worm gets eaten”?
Existentialism defined

The answers are included in the textbook. Complete this book and you are ready for Life of Fred Language Arts Series: Classes.
Begin Teaching is a hardcover textbook containing 128 pages. This book is not consumable. All answers are written on separate paper or in a notebook.

Life of Fred Begin Teaching contains 19 lessons and is designed to take approximately one month to complete.